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NIC Mexico announces the re-opening of domain name registrations directly under the .MX.

January 29, 2009; 08:58 AM

Monterrey, NL., January 28th of 2009.- NIC Mexico (Network Information Center México), officially announces the upcoming re-opening of domain name registrations under the .MX TLD (Top Level Domain).

Since February 1st of 1989 (date in which the .MX was created), the registration of .MX domain names under the first level were restricted, only to be used by universities and other education institutions. Later on 1996 the .EDU.MX extension was created and the registration directly under the .MX TLD was closed. So far the available extensions for .MX domain names are the following: .COM.MX, GOB.MX, EDU.MX, ORG.MX and .NET.MX.

NIC Mexico along its 20 years of history has been making different efforts to give more users the opportunity to promote their ideas, business and culture, through .MX domain names; in order to fulfill the mission to place the name of Mexico on the Internet.For that reason and attending to the growing interest of our clients to register directly under .MX TLD, NIC Mexico will reopen the domain name registrations directly under the .MX.

The re-opening of .MX domain names registration, in addition to impulse .MX domains and promote the development of the Internet in Mexico, has the intention to broad the variety of the available services for NIC Mexico’s clients. The registration directly under .MX TLD, offers attractive and relevant attributes for Internet users related with Mexico, such as shorter domain names, the possibility of not been restricted to a certain type of organization, and the direct identification with Mexico on the Internet, among others. It opens the possibility for users to register domain names such as, for example.

The re-opening of the .MX will be released in phases, taking in consideration that it will give priority to the current holders of .MX domains under the current available classifications.
NIC Mexico will communicate on February the generalities of each phase of the reopening process for the .MX, which will be launched on early May.

For the re-opening of the .MX, NIC Mexico has implemented the latest technical standards and improved its business practices, in order to simplify the administration of .MX domain names.

About NIC Mexico

NIC Mexico is the professional independent organization that manages the country code top level domain .MX. NIC Mexico also registers IP addresses to Internet users in Mexico.



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