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Early .tel Domain Name Registration to Be Offered By Offers Customers a Chance to Pre-Register Their .tel Domain Extension in First Come First Served Public Launch

March 24, 2009; 04:54 AM

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Web use is expected to spike at 15:00GMT today as individuals and companies rush to secure the new .tel domain name extension, according to, a leading UK domain registration company.

For individuals and companies who wish to get a head start on other speculators in this first-come, first-served public registration, will be taking pre-registrations of .tel domains from 12:00GMT today. There will be no administrative fee for this service and customers will only be charged the price of their domain if it is successfully registered at 15:00GMT.

The premium fee of around £325 which was applied to registrations during the initial public launch to discourage domain squatters from snapping up hundreds of .tel domainnames for resale purposes will be removed today. The .tel domain will become a relatively low cost investment for anyone wishing to create a simple online presence using this innovation domain extension.

The domain industry is expected to open its doors to hundreds of new domain extensions over the next 12 months, when ICANN, the regulatory body that oversees domain names, prepares to launch many new series of suffixes. However, domain registrars are quick to draw potential customers to the fact that this is not going to be just another domain extension.

Mark Boost, Managing Director,, said: “One of the main attractions of the .tel domain is its simplicity. A .tel allows a business or individual to create an online presence without the need to build a website or pay monthly hosting costs.

“Not only are individuals and companies protecting their brand through the early purchase of a .tel domain, they are securing a hugely innovative domain extension that basically acts as an easy to access contact page especially useful for the rapidly growing mobile market.

“We are encouraging those who are interested in learning more about the .tel to visit the site to try out the .tel simulators so they can view the exact steps involved in uploading and publishing information to a .tel domain and view what their .tel would look like on both the web and a mobile device.“

For more information about the .tel, or to pre-register your .tel domain name from 12:00GMT, visit

About: is an ICANN accredited .TEL domain registrar and one of the top UK domain and hosting providers.


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