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Premium DotME Domains in The Sedo Domain Auction

March 30, 2009; 09:29 AM

2009-03-30 14:10:48 - Several super premium DOTME domain names are up for auction on SEDO, which will run until April 2.

DOTME premium domain names, including BOOK.ME, TELL.ME and COMPARE.ME, have already reached their set reserved prices. Many more domains have received multiple bids, Obviously, the real bidding will heat up over the next few days, with maybe a few bidding wars in the works.

Other notable .ME domain gems in the auction include: BET.ME, ROCK.ME, LOCATE.ME, PAY.ME, SELL.ME, FILM.ME, ORDER.ME, MESSAGE.ME, RING.ME, JOIN.ME, SUPPORT.ME, DOWLOAD.ME, PICK.ME, REWARD.ME, DISCOUNT.ME, and many more excellent call-to-action DOTME names. These DOTME names would be ideal for branding products and services or developing Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0, blogging, social media or personalized websites or apps.

Since its launch in the Summer of 2008, DOTME has become the fastest growing domain extension and it has the highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) at 210,138% when measuring pages indexed by Google. To put that in perspective, since their respective launches, .ASIA has a CAGR of 12,246%, DOTMOBi, at 7,720%, .Info at 1.041%, and .Biz at 906%. DOTME also has more developed sites in the top million of ALEXA than domains like .ASIA and .MOBI combined, and DOTME launched well after these two extensions. So far, there are over 5 million DOTME domain pages indexed by Google.

The domain extension is ideal for the new direction of the dynamic web �' greater personalization and more user-generated content. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and leading blogging, social networking and media sites have secured their DOTME domain names for developing brands and products. Apple's "MOBILEME", "MYSPACE", YOUTUBE", reflect the increased personalization of the web. The ME generation is what it's all about!

The DOTME extension also works well for GEO sites. Several DOTME GEOS are already "live", such as,,,, with major GEO Dotme sites in development. Successful DOTME sites include: YOUAND.ME, which has become the fastest growing free online social dating site, as well as social media and messaging sites such as UTAG.ME, NOTIFY.ME, and TATTLE2.ME.

The DOTME domain extension has performed well at previous auctions, and because DOTME has experienced record sales and extensive growth, there's anticipation that these premium DOTME names will perform well. You can bet on it or rather BET.ME that many of these DOTME premium names will go for respectable prices to the lucky bidders and winners. So, JOIN.ME in wishing all the bidders good luck in their DOTME bidding! You can see all domains for auction go here: ..




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