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Isn't It Ironic? for 'No Reserve'

May 5, 2009; 02:58 PM

In an ironic twist, announced yesterday the availability of without a 'reserve' price in its domain name auction going on now through May 5th -- when lots begin to close in alphabetical order at 12pm PDT.

The news is especially stunning as it comes on the heels of recent comparable sales in the seven-figure range including for $5.1m, for $1.4m (this week), for $1.7m and for $1.76m. Other large sales have occurred but go unreported or are sealed by the purchase agreement.

"This is the single best year domain names have had for a long time," says analyst Mike Fiol. "We've had more seven-figure sales in 2009 than in the previous two years combined." joins fifty other high-profile generic addresses in the auction including,,, and more.

Inventory is also slated with several 'city' or 'GEO-names' -- made popular by the decline of traditional, local media. Cities represented include,,, and

"Whether it's or, there are only so many of these one-word names, these cities. The supply of great domains is very finite -- it's supply and demand," adds Fiol, who also owns and runs

When asked about putting a high-profile name such as into the auction without a reserve, Fiol laughs. "The irony is just too good not to bid on that one. Don't you think?"

The GEO-Domain Auction is open for bids now and concludes on Tuesday, May 5th at 12pm PDT. Anyone is eligible to bid, visit to register.




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