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Domain Pioneer Brings the Future of Real Estate to Auction

World’s Largest Collection of Real Estate Listing Domain Names to Sell

May 14, 2009; 10:52 AM

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The virtual world of the Internet has become a valuable real estate commodity. What would over half a billion annual keyword searches for a $25 trillion asset class be worth? What if these searches included over 2,300 USA major cities? The numbers could be astonishing and a wise investment in today’s slumping economy where everyone is searching for investment opportunities that will be lucrative when the positive shift occurs.

A majority of real estate experts are stating the timing is perfect for buyers to purchase real estate property, and that also goes for investing in an Internet platform that could pave the way to the real estate recovery. Imagine a domain portfolio investment of over 2,600 domains containing 2,300 USA cities, with a population of 35,000 plus. The portfolio also includes 100% of Nielsen Media market cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Boston, etc.

Internet developer, Craig Harrison from RealEstateNet LLC, strategically began acquiring this collection of more than 2,600 domain names 10 years ago, which is now set to pay dividends for a savvy real estate investor at auction. J. P. King Auction Company, the nation’s leading real estate auction marketing firm, will manage the sale of this once-in-an-internet-lifetime opportunity to own lucrative pieces of virtual real estate on June 11, 2009 in San Francisco at The Fairmont Hotel. Transfer services are provided by Moniker, one of the fastest growing providers of domain name registrations, domain asset management and monetization services.

“My belief is that the inevitable real estate recovery will start on the Internet. Keyword real estate search terms together with geo-locations will have more importance than brand names,” said Craig Harrison. “This vision was recently confirmed by Google AdWords, which indicated 545 million of the 1.2 billion searches over the past 12 months (1 out of 2) that contained the phrase ‘real estate’ also contained one of the geographic locations in our domain collection. This massive amount of search volume combined with the real estate market is going to provide some fortunate organization a significant opportunity to gain a ‘lion’s share’ of real estate search.”

The sales team is a collection of the most trusted names in their industries. The 94-year old and most successful real estate auction marketing firm, J. P. King Auction Company, is managing the auction of the sale. “Since our founding in 1915, we have been a part of many significant and historical transitions in real estate marketing,” said Craig King, president & CEO of J. P. King Auction Company. “This portfolio represents another milestone in our ability to change with the times, which we are very excited to be a part of in bringing this collection of online real estate domain names to market.” The cutting edge Internet company, Moniker, is acting as transfer agent. “It is extremely rare for such a preassembled platform of virtual real estate to become available,” said Monte Cahn, Founder & president of Moniker, one of the leading and most trusted domain registrars.

About the Portfolio

  • One out of two Google searches for “real estate” reflect one of our cities
  • Of the 2,600 domains, 2,350 are USA cities and states
  • 95% are top level dot com domains
  • 100% of Nielsen Media market cities
  • All 50 U.S. state level domains
  • 145 World countries and major world city domains such as China
  • 30 Canadian Provinces
  • 17 Intercontinental domains

About the Owner

Craig Harrison is a 30 year real estate veteran dealmaker with over $600 million in land, water rights, and commercial real estate transactions closed. As an Internet pioneer, he holds seven Internet mapping and online real estate document management patents in connection with his successful ventures and

About J. P. King

J. P. King Auction Company, based in Gadsden, AL, is the nation’s leading real estate auction marketing firm specializing in high-value properties such as land, ranches, superluxury homes, condominiums, and developments. J. P. King has marketed upscale properties in 49 states and 6 countries. This sale is conducted through its Asset Division, which serves corporate clients, financial institutions and government entities in the disposition of strategic assets.

Auction Information

Individuals interested in more information about the upcoming sale may contact J. P. King Auction Company at (800) 558-5464 or visit the company’s web site at and


For J. P. King Auction Company
The Conroy Martinez Group
Jose Boza or Jorge Martinez, 305-445-7550
[email protected]




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