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Buy a Domain? How About Owning the iPhone 3G S dot-com?

June 25, 2009; 05:37 AM

( June 24, 2009 -- (June 24, 2009) -- Apple iPhone fans on Twitter can’t stop tweeting about the new iPhone 3G S. Meanwhile, the Twitter crowd that seeks to buy a domain can’t stop tweeting about the auction for ( – the website emerging as a popular forum for the new iPhone community. The domain and website are on sale at until 12 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, June 25, 2009. 

The heavy interest in the auction indicates that "website flipping” continues to be a thriving and potentially profitable business model for Internet entrepreneurs. To buy a domain name with indirect – but obviously search engine-findable – ties to Apple’s hit product is considered a rare opportunity in domain buying circles. This is particularly so as the domain buying market for top-of-mind names has matured. 

A recent report at, iPhone 3G S Launch Has App Developers Seeing Gold, cites industry observers and developers who expect an “innovative and lucrative” new era in add-on products to surround Apple’s hit phone product. "Apple has given us all these new tools," said William Kasel, founder and CEO of Jumpfox, a San Francisco, California-based company that makes mobile apps. "And I can't wait to see what developers come out with in the next six months. The new features really take [the phone] to a whole new level." This means that affiliate marketing on sites such as will have enviable sales potential as the market blooms.

In the case of, no one knows how long the anonymous owner of the site has held onto it. However, most agree that what might have been a 99-cent investment a few years ago when the domain buying originally took place now has the potential to net any owner of the URL substantial profits. Given how the forum site can be monetized, domain appraisal experts believe there's exceptional upside profit potential for anyone who'd buy a domain with such a signature product in its moniker. has only been live as a forum-style destination for a few months, and it's already indexed hourly by Google. When the launch date of the iPhone 3G S grew closer, traffic to and commenting on the forum experienced rapid growth. Among those who study website flipping, this is an attractive set of attributes. As of this writing, the top bid on is a mere $750.00 US. 

With the 3G S now on the market a few days and the opportunity to buy a domain bearing its name, continues to gain an even larger following. Affiliate marketing investors with an interest in domain buying and website buying can visit GreatDomains to learn more by clicking this link:




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