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Press Releases by Makes It Easy to Reserve a Person's Given Name as a .com Address gives parents and their friends and relatives an easy way to give a unique, thoughtful, practical, and lifelong gift to children of all ages.

July 6, 2009; 05:08 AM

Orchard Park, NY, July 06, 2009 --(, a website providing visitors with the ability to easily and inexpensively register a person's name as a domain name, has launched its flagship

"We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website" said Bill Even, Chief Marketing Officer of

"My associate Wayne and I both have younger children and understand the ever-increasing importance of having an on-line presence. For better or for worse, the Internet and everything associated with it has become irreversibly intertwined with the rest of our lives. As crazy as it may sound, we now need to consider the implications of just about everything we do in terms of how it will affect us in an on-line world," said Even.

"I came up with the idea for when I was thinking about the need to brand myself--not so much my business ventures--but "Wayne Clarke" the person, said Clarke, Chief Strategist of A personalized domain name came to mind immediately. Companies have one or more 'dot com' addresses to identify themselves; the need for individuals to have them as well can't be far behind. I then realized that my children will have the same needs as I do when they are older. However, at the rate the Internet is moving, every day that I wait increases the likelihood that their names as a 'dot com' will be taken by someone else, presumably with the same name."

"It is my responsibility as a parent to reserve their names as domain names now. Apparently, the Internet isn't going away anytime soon and the 'good' domain names are disappearing at a staggering rate" said Clarke.

A recent report indicated that in the first quarter of 2009, 11.8 million new domain names were registered. "That's over 130,000 per day," said Even. "You'd better get them now. The odds of someone who owns their name as a domain name and lets it lapse, is slim to none."

There are several articles on the Internet that discuss how some parents actually choose their unborn child's name based on its availability as a "dot com" address. makes it easy for someone to register a birth name as a domain name. The website allows you to determine if your desired name is still available. It also offers suggestions for selecting a domain, if your first choice is already be taken. "If you make a purchase through our site, we will even send you a certificate that can be given as a gift. It indicates the domain name you have registered and the name of the thoughtful person behind this great gift," said Clarke.

"And it isn't just for infants," said Even. "Whether you are 1 or 101, your name is still the most valuable identifier you have. Our site is targeted towards the family and friends of very young children, but it can be used to purchase a birthday gift, graduation gift, Valentine's Day gift, or even a Grandparents' Day gift. If there is an occasion to give a gift, a domain name will be appreciated, won't be forgotten, and can be purchased through"

"It is not only very affordable, it is literally unique, thoughtful, and very practical without being boring. Tiny sneakers are cute, but they are outgrown in a month and are then regifted; a domain name lasts a lifetime or longer," said Clarke. also offers web hosting to allow the purchaser to run up a web site and post pictures of the new 'owner'--whether they are baby photos or pictures from a 50th wedding anniversary.

"When your child is running for President, she will thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity from 50 years past," said Even.

Domains and other Internet-related products are available at

William Even
[email protected]




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