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Press Releases by is the First Company in the World That Lets Customers Start a Virtual Company by Sharing Ownership in an Internet Domain Name recently launched its website that is targeted at potential entrepreneurs. It lets customers start a virtual company by sharing ownership in a domain name. This prevents people from the hassle and costs associated with creating a real company.

September 24, 2009; 10:43 AM

Tilburg, Netherlands, September 23, 2009 --( With Sitepie you can share ownership in an internet domain name. By sharing the ownership of a domain name, you and the other owners can develop a website without having the hassle of starting a real company. This prevents you from paying expensive legal fees and having to perform a lot of administrative tasks. Sitepie domains are very useful if you have a website idea and want to test if it makes any business sense.

Because Sitepie remains the holder of the domain name, it can enforce its governance system on its users. In this way the interests of each partner are protected and cooperation between the owners is coordinated. With Sitepie it’s not possible to cheat on each other or to exclude one of the owners. It’s like a contract between the owners to cooperate and give each other credit for their work in case the website is successful.

It would not be the first time founders who started a website get a conflict later on. With your rights as a developer are protected. In this way plans to increase innovation and help disenfranchised people to join the ranks of the entrepreneur.

Sitepies target audiences are all potential entrepreneurs around the world that want to start a website with one or more business partners. It’s even possible to start a partnership with people that live all over the world, because the service operates hundred percent online.

The site is currently in private beta, but Sitepie regularly let’s new users enter the beta service. If you are interested is testing the service you can fill in a form on their website and they will contact you as soon as possible.




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