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eNom Announces “Most Popular” New TLDs

Top names and categories based on more than one million data points

December 4, 2012; 05:19 AM

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eNom, Inc., the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale registrar, today released the initial results of its proprietary and free tracking tool, the eNom New TLD Watchlist, which has captured expressions of interest in new domain names from consumers since June of this year. As the process for new domain extensions moves forward with nearly 2,000 applications for Top Level Domains (TLD), the eNom New TLD Watchlist has received over one million submissions worldwide. The top five new domain extensions people are most interested in are:

“In addition to capturing real consumer interest, we use the Watchlist tool to help educate our customers and partners about the opportunities the new domain extensions create”

1)   .Web
2) .Shop
3) .Hotel
4) .Family
5) .Tech

In 2011, ICANN initiated the process for creating new domain extensions as a way to increase domain name choices for memorable or descriptive web addresses (for example, can become or and help organize websites and information better (for example, could end in a domain extension that maps to the nature of the business, such as .law, .architect or .cpa). In June of this year, ICANN announced it had 1,930 applications for new TLDs that were submitted by entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities around the world looking to operate a TLD registry of their own choosing.

“In addition to capturing real consumer interest, we use the Watchlist tool to help educate our customers and partners about the opportunities the new domain extensions create,” said Chris Sheridan, vice president of Business Development for eNom. “We believe the introduction of new TLDs will change how the world uses the Web – but we find that some organizations need help understanding how new TLDs empower people to choose memorable and intuitive domain names specific to their online ventures, such as legal services or graphic design.”

In addition to tracking registration interest for each of the new domain extensions, the eNom New TLD Watchlist also reports the most popular categories, which are:

1)   Services (for example: .Attorney, .Expert, .Law, .Design, .Engineer)
2) Identity and Lifestyle (for example: .Family, .Love, .VIP, .Mom, .Health)
3) Geographic (for example: .City, .Town, .Place, .Global, .Broadway)
4) Shopping (for example: .Sale, .Store, .Buy, .Free, .Shop)
5) Technology (for example: .Web, .App, .Tech., .Blog, .Online)

Additional categories with strong interest also included Novelty (for example: .Wow, .Ninja, .Today, .WTF, .Zone), Business (for example: .LLC, .INC, .Forum, .Company, .Solutions), and Leisure & Recreation (for example: .Dance, .Social, .Hotel, .Games, .Tours).

“The eNom New TLD Watchlist is a key component of our new TLD initiative that allows partners and customers to explore new domain names and register their interest,” continued Sheridan. “We are genuinely excited to see over one million expressions of interest in just five months, and we view this as a strong indicator of demand for new TLDs.”

Additional insights include:

  • .Hotel is the most popular new domain extension in South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • In the Sports category, .Yoga was more popular than any other activity, including .Golf, .Rugby and .Football.
  • Of the one million submissions, slightly more than half came from people in North America (55%), with Europe (29%) as the second largest group.
  • .Pets is the most popular new domain extension in the General Interest category, with .Dog coming in 5th.

Earlier this year, eNom launched its initiative for new TLDs, with modules specifically tailored for partners and end-users to seamlessly participate in all phases of this historic launch. eNom is rolling out these new modules to help customers take orders for the Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods of TLD launches occurring in the months ahead. These modules are powered by the robust and comprehensive eNom technology platform, which supports over 13.5M domain names and 8,800 resellers.

For more information on the most popular TLDs and categories, go here.

For more information on eNom solutions for new TLDs, go here.

About eNom New TLD Watchlist

The eNom New TLD Watchlist is an application available on and through partner sites for consumers to express interest in domain names to be registered with the new domain extensions. To submit an expression of interest, a user lists the names of domains that they are interested in, along with the associated TLD. As each relevant new TLD is launched, the consumer is notified about the opportunity to register their names.

About eNom

eNom, Inc., is the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale domain name registrar. A part of the Demand Media family of companies, eNom makes it easy for individuals and organizations to buy and sell Internet domains and related services. For more information about eNom, please visit


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