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Utilizing Mobile Internet Innovations

July 30, 2008; 05:36 AM

Hoboken, N.J. -- July 30, 2008 -- With the advent of the Apple iPhone, more and more people are becoming interested in the possibilities of the mobile Internet. What "on the go" people may not realize is the vast majority of mobile phones - not just iPhones - can access the mobile Internet. And now, with the introduction of Wiley's latest "Dummies" book, Mobile Internet for Dummies, consumers can now learn to unleash the power of the mobile Internet from their own mobile phones, no matter what phone they have or what wireless carrier network they use.

"With more than three billion mobile users worldwide, Mobile Internet for Dummies is an ideal way for consumers to get the most possible out of their mobile phones," said Steve Hayes, Executive Editor at Wiley Publishing - Dummies Technology. "And we are delighted to have harnessed the knowledge of a set of industry experts to ensure that consumers have access to the best information possible, written in clear, easy-to-understand language."

Mobile Internet for Dummies co-author Michael O'Farrell said, "Whether you're new to the mobile Internet or a seasoned road warrior, Mobile Internet for Dummies details every way to help you enjoy accessing made-for-mobile sites and services right from the palm of your hand."

"Internet for Dummies opened the door for millions of readers of all ages to get on the Net. Today, we are releasing Mobile Internet for Dummies to help millions of mobile consumers learn how to use the mobile Net. It is a great book for readers of all ages to enjoy," said co-author John Levine.

Mobile Internet for Dummies covers the essentials for getting a mobile user hooked up to the "mobile Internet" and includes overview on selecting the "right" mobile device and network provider and using made-for-mobile services for search, entertainment, messaging, shopping, and finance. The book also covers how to develop mobile Web sites as well as how to make the mobile Internet into a business.

"If you have a mobile phone, you really need to get a copy of Mobile Internet for Dummies," said co-author Jostein Algroy. "If you know some who has a mobile phone, get them a copy as well. Not only could you both save a bit of money from the tips we offer in the book, but you could possibly make some too by following our advice on how to offer your very own mobile Internet products and services."

"Having stretched the boundaries of mobile Internet innovation over the last decade, it was refreshing for me to work with my co-authors and Wiley to write for Mobile Internet for Dummies," added co-author Daniel Appelquist. "Sometimes the mobile industry gets quite complex and hard for consumers to understand. Basically, mobile devices today are phones, computers, cameras and music players all-in-one. All-in-one fun connected by the mobile Internet."

Co-author James Pearce said, "I'm excited to be part of a book on the mobile Internet because the demand for such a book shows that there is also a growing demand for more mobile web content. dotMobi and its 14 investor companies represent the intersection of mobility and the Internet, and dotMobi is working hard to make it easy for mobile web developers to design, build and test their sites, and then let consumers find that content via .mobi domain name addresses."

To supplement the extensive information in Mobile Internet for Dummies, a mobile-friendly Web site with updated mobile information as well as tips and tricks is available at

Mobile Internet For Dummies
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Paperback $21.99 - 312 Pages
Released July 14th, 2008
ISBN 978-0-470-23953-7

To request a review copy of this book, or to speak with one or more of these authors, please email or call Ashley Evens at 201.748.6702.

To download a sample chapter, or for more information visit:

About the Authors
Michael J. O'Farrell (Scarborough, CANADA) is the Chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group, a not-for-profit mobile Internet industry forum, and a leading expert on mobile Internet topics. John R. Levine (Trumansburg, NY) is an expert on Internet communication and online privacy as well as the co-author of Internet For Dummies. Jostein Algroy (Toronto, CANADA) is an international consumer market strategist and a published journalist, active in the mobile space for over 15 years. Daniel Appelquist (Dublin, IRELAND) leads global initiatives on the mobile Web frontier for Vodafone and the W3C and co-founded Mobile Monday London. James Pearce (London, UK) is the CTO of the dotMobi company and co-founder of Mobile Monday Dublin. He is also a highly sought-after industry expert on mobile Internet devices. Book also contains contributions from Michael Becker, executive vice president of iLoop Mobile and the Mobile Marketing Association.

Featured contributors to Mobile Internet For Dummies include: Michael Becker, EVP Business Development at iLoop Mobile; Russell Buckley, Managing Director at AdMob Europe; and the Mobile Marketing Association.

About For Dummies®
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