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5 SEO Strategies To Make Your Website Popular

5 SEO Strategies To Make Your Website Popular

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Kabir Bedi
March 06, 2009

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi is a senior web consultant at LeXolution IT Services, aneminent web site design company India that offers a range of website design and development services. Apart from that, the company also provides search engine optimization and website maintenance services including web site update services.

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The success of a website on the world wide web just not depends on a great design and superb functionality but also on how well it is optimized. A website is successful only when it has a heavy visitor traffic. And to drive it loads of online population, you will need to make your website popular on the search engines.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website in order to make it rank well on the search engines so that it attracts a steady stream of visitor traffic. However, search engine optimization is a daunting task and requires diligent and persisting efforts. One needs to devote large amounts of time and dedication to it. Its all about patience because search engine optimization efforts can take a long time to show results. Here are 5 SEO strategies that can make sure your website gets noticed and becomes successful on the world wide web.

Acquire Backlinks
One of the factors that denote the popularity of a website in cyberspace is the quantity and quality of links that it has to claim. More are the number of links pointing to your website means that many websites feel your website is popular. Therefore, due efforts should be made to acquire links from other quality and related sites on the internet.

Article Submissions
Articles are perhaps the best way to market your website on the internet. Write a bunch of original and informative articles regarding your industry and submit them on popular article portals. There are a number of article submission websites on the internet that allow authors to post articles so the users can read through them. With all the articles that you submit, make sure you attach an author resource box that has a short introduction about yourself and a link to your website. When users read you articles and find them interesting they would obviously want to know more and visit your website. This will soar your popularity in the search engine rankings.

Frequent Content Updates
Search engines love quality content and what they love more is frequently updated content. It is very important to update fresh content on your website on regular basis, not only from the search engine perspective but also to attract visitors. After all, visitors should have a reason to keep coming back to your website and what better way to ensure this than presenting them with rich content.

Create a Blog
Blogging can offer a great deal of benefits for search engine optimization purposes. It doesn't cost you anything except for a little time. It is an excellent way to update content on regular basis and proves to be an easy mode of informal communication with your audience. Include your keywords in the posts and link them back to your website.

Be Active Online
Another great way to promote your website is to be overtly active online. Comment on other blogs, participate in online discussions, be an active member in forums and so on. Just make your presence felt on the internet and try to establish your expertise of the concerned industry. Make sure you leave a link to your website with all your posts. Also, your posts need to be of quality and relevant to what is being talked about. Otherwise it would account for spam and you may be banned altogether.

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