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Multiple Domain Names - Use and Benefits

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Scott Jones
September 25, 2006

Scott Jones
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Multiple entry points – You can have specialized domain names for a parent site, where all the non-parent sites will redirect to lead to the parent domain. That will not only give you a whole group of eager audience but will also improve your page rankings in search engines.

Protection - If you own a successful business, it's a great idea to think of some of the variants of your site name and purchase those as well and put a 301 redirect on those.

Typos – Domain names can be misspelled and therefore you need to keep them as well. E.g.: Both and point to same domain.

Regional content - If your site has regional content, you might purchase specific domain names to focus on that content. For e.g.: you can have and so with different local content for each site.

Uses for the .name TLD - You might even consider purchase the .name TLD for your senior managers. Put up simple web sites about them, with links to your main site. These should be indexed in the search engines, as you want people to find them if they are looking for information about your personnel.

Email address - You get email accounts with your domains. It is a good idea to set forwarders to each mail inbox and collect in a separate common mail id. Remember to set catch all address to get rid of spam.

Sub domains - This is a great way to get much of the benefit of the above listed techniques without purchasing additional domain names. It does require a little more control of your DNS entries, however, as most ISPs and web hosts will not be willing to do these kinds of things for you.

Renewals - The top reason for people losing their domain is forgetting to renew them. Make sure you set reminders to get them renewed.

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