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Why Purchase a Premium Domain name?

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Kenneth Zuver
May 25, 2009

Kenneth Zuver

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Whether you're a traditional brick and mortar business or a new internet startup, the domain name that you choose will serve as your address on the World Wide Web. Just like in the real world, some internet real estate is more valuable than others. What makes these addresses more desirable? Are the increased costs worth it? This article will attempt to answer these questions and make some suggestions that you should consider as you shop around for the domain name which will represent your business or organization.

Let's assume for a minute that your name is Gidget and you are a widget distributor. Legally speaking you could choose anything you want as a domain name. You could register something nonsensical like and set up a fully functional widget website there. Nothing illegal about that. Or you could possibly purchase a very popular name like and sell widgets. You'de be certain to get a lot of traffic... from people looking for cars. Finally, you could simply use the name of your business as your domain name. may seem like a fairly good name, but it has no 'inherent' value for those of us who have never heard of you before.

So what really makes one domain name more valuable than another? It really comes down to what's in a name... in terms of real dollars. What dollars You ask? Advertising budget dollars of course! You did intend to promote your new business... didn't you? In fact, promotions and advertising should be your biggest cost as an internet business. More often than not... it's your only cost. If your new name would require less promotion because it was catchy and easy to remember, or because people naturally typed it into a search engine... wouldn't that be more valuable?

A good domain name is catchy and easy to remember.

In the first example, is a very cheap option you could probably register for less than USD $10.00 but it would be difficult to remember and problematic to promote. A good chunk of a domain names' value lies in its 'brandability', or the ability to develop a following for something based on it's 'brand name'.

A good domain name is reflective of your product or service.

You want people to associate your domain name with your product or service so in the future, when they have a need that you fill, your internet address will pop into their heads. Once again, 'brandability' is valuable because it 'inherently' reduces the real dollars it takes to earn new customers.

A good domain name is optimized for Search Engine placement.

If I were to propose that, "If you buy a premium domain name from me, I'll give you FREE ADVERTISING from the "BIGGEST NAME ON THE INTERNET!", would you do it? That's exactly what a premium name (combined with quality content) will do. Advertising dollars are REAL dollars my friends... don't discount them.

Dotcom will always be King!

Just like in the real world, the world wide web has "neighborhoods", both good and bad. Would you rather shop on Park Avenue or Skid Row? People perceive the top level domain in much the same way. Wouldn't you expect the product from to be a little better than that of Possibly a perception of full time employees v. students or volunteers. You might even expect them to be a little cheaper because of perceived size and volume. Unless you're a charitable organization... on second thought charitable organizations have to advertise too!

In conclusion, don't be too hasty to discount the value of a quality domain name. You should put just as much thought into your "address on the internet" as you would spending your advertisment dollars. If you can't find what you need here at then keep looking until you do find it. If you want to make up a new domain name, we'll be happy to offer suggestions with no obligation to buy! In any case, remember the suggestions above and choose a name that will maximize your promotional efforts. Your business will be more successful for you... and more valuable to potential investors!

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