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Registering Your Domain Name

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Alex Welz
October 10, 2006

Alex Welz
Alex Welz has over 17 years of experience in such diverse fields as computer engineering, customer relations, systemizing business practices, research and development, and business consulting. Alex currently owns and operates a Website sales and hosting business.
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Registering your domain name is one of the most important steps to bringing your business online. This is the name that customers will remember you by

Choose a name that is:

* Available
* Easy to remember
* Easy to spell
* Conveys the nature of your business

How to pick a name:

1) Use the Thesaurus on to find words that match your business model

2) Look up the domain possibilities by using the name spinner on to see if the domain is available

3) After you have a list of possibilities, put the list aside for a couple of days. After a day or two, try to remember one of the possibilities. If you can’t remember any of them, your customers will have the same problem. If that is the case, Go back to step one.

Register the domain yourself. Do not have a web developer or anyone else do this for you. If you allow someone else to register your domain name, you run the risk of that person putting your domain name in their name. This means the domain name is their legal property, not yours.

To register the domain name, we recommend using either, or

Beware of companies that charge a very low price for domain registration. Most of these companies have hidden fees or restrictions associated with the domain name, so pay very close attention to the contract before purchasing from one of these companies.

For help or questions about registering a domain name, contact G2Apex at [email protected] or call 408-454-6543. For more articles like this, go to

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