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Domain Registration: Quicker Way to Create a Domain Name that Sells, and Snap it Up Fast!

4 Main Tips to Make Sure Your Domain Name Pulls Traffic and Guarantee Your Grab For It

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Soon Chai Lim
July 20, 2007

Soon Chai Lim
Soon Chai Lim has been addicted to internet marketing since 2004. With several years of rock-solid experience, he knows what works and what doesn't. If you want to leap your business into the next level, visit his website at now. You'll surely find the right and profitable tools & resources for your web business.
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Have you been following the 8 or 12 domain tips (you found somewhere on the web) to help you register domain names?

You know, by doing so, you’re more prone to not getting the domain name you want because someone else could have already registered before you do.

So fast?

Yes, it is. According to statistics, over 65 domain names are being registered worldwide in every second. That means, your just-thought-out domain name could easily get "hi-jacked" by other people if you’re slower than them.

Speed is as important in domain registration as in F1 race.

Therefore, you need a quicker way to snap up your domain name fast, and yet not compromising its ability to make people remember it easily. And here are the 4 main tips I’ve specially prepared for you.

Oh, along the way you'll get to see a little bonus tip that'll help squeeze some creative juices out of you. So, don't miss out on this. Read on...

1. Short

People tend to remember shorter words than longer ones.

Even though longer domain name like “internetbusinessforbeginners” is descriptive and meaningful, most people would not be able to remember it well. Also, it’s more prone to typo error when you enter it into your browser. Agree?

Meaning, getting a SHORT domain name (less than 12 characters, ideally) is a must so that it will “force” even the most forgetful people to remember and literally drive them to hop on your website again and again and again… Hey look, your website traffic counter is spinning like crazy now!

"It's tough to get a short domain name!". That's what many people are complaining nowadays. Not true. If you think hard and stretch your creativity, you'll find one.

But if you really have no idea currently, here's a little bonus tip that will help you spark up some ideas for a short, meaningful name.

Now, you can use "iOne" as a starter for your domain name. It's easy because it rhymes with "I want" ingeniously. And it gives a more unique presence than if you were to use "iWant" directly.

For example, "iOneMoney" or "iOneHealth".

They are short and straightforward for they pass the message directly to tell people that “If you want money, come to iOneMoney”, “If you want health, visit iOneHealth”.

Like the idea? Did this little tip helps to draw some creativity out of you?

2. Logical

There are 2 ways here.

One way is to make sure the domain name match what your website is selling.

For example, you sell ebooks online. Logically, you should register ebooks dot whatever extension you want (the best is dot com because it is still the most popular domain extension todate).

Another way is to register your domain name using your company name straight, like Yahoo and Google.

For instance, if your company is called "Example Pte Ltd", you should register your domain name as "".

3. Spell Check

If you don’t check for spelling error just because you’re lazy, then you’ll have to suffer the dreadful consequences.

Imagine you intend to register "example" dot com, but you enter “exmple” instead (can you see? short of 'a'). Without spell check, you go straight to buy the domain name.

Oh gosh… but it’s ok if you realize the error within 5 days of purchase because you’re eligible for a refund for domain registration. (Note: Generally, domain registrars has a 5-day refund policy for domain registration, but this refund period may be different with other domain registrars, so it's safer for you to check with your registrar before you buy from them.)

If you only realize the typo error beyond the refund period, then you can’t get back the money.
Also, you'll have to stay with that misspelled domain name until it expires (the minimum lifespan of a domain name is one year).

Even if you go into the domain control panel, you can’t change the domain name. It is fixed once registered.

The worst thing is when you try to register the correct domain name again, it’s gone. Someone has taken it away already.

Remember? More than 65 domain names are being registered worldwide every second. So, that few days or even few minutes delay from you is long enough for others to take away the domain name from you.

Scary? Yes, right? Then YOU MUST DO spell check! Double or triple check (before purchase) to make sure you get it right the first time and that's it, case closed.

4. Register NOW!

If you think you have found the right domain name but you're not quite sure if it's the one... really, my advice is, just register it anyway before someone snap it up! Or you’ll never get the second chance.

It's cheap (less than $10 a year only) anyway.

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