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How to Use Domain Names to Make Money Online

Ways to make money with domain names.

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Alan Liew
April 05, 2007

Alan Liew
Alan Liew is a self-employed e-entrepreneur that has worked on Internet marketing industry for more than a year. He has set up a website called for people to learn how to make money online. He also set up a blog to record down the latest free resources for making money online.
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When people take about topic related to making money online. They generally will mention Google AdSense program, affiliate programs, how to sell products and services through a website and ebay, paid survey and so on. But have you ever heard about making money online with domain names? It is a new concept to profit online and there is a number of people earn a living with domain names. So how domain names can make people money? Good question. Here's how:

Purchase Domain Name at Low Prices, then Resell Them at Higher Price

Do you know, companies, e-entrepreneurs and Internet marketers that want to make their websites popular and powerful are willing to pay a lot for a good domain name. So this created an opportunity to make money online. What you can do is register those good domain names earlier and then sell to them at higher price. But nowadays, it is getting harder to profit online with this method as more and more people have aware of this opportunity and started to do the same.

Fortunately, there is one solution: buying expired domain names. Everyday, thousand of domain names are being abandoned by their owners and become expired domain names. Some of the main reasons the owners don't re-register their domain names are they have closed their online businesses, they have lost interest in operating their websites and so on. Expired domain names reached certain periods will be deleted and available to anyone who wants to buy it. Among these expired domains, you can find some profitable domain names with existing traffic to resell for profit at auction sites like ebay.

Park Your Domain Name to Earn Advertising Revenue
If you have domain name left unused or waiting for development, you may consider parking them to domain parking websites to generate extra income for you. For less than $5 per month you can park a domain to a domain parking company. The company will build a parked page with links or content and sponsored ads on your domain name. You drive traffic to the domain name and earn advertising revenue such as AdSense commission. Here are two companies that offer domain parking service: - Cash Parking Program

You can also buy an expired domain name that builds in with existing traffic and park it to domain parking company to generate advertising revenue. To determine whether an expired domain name still has traffic comes in, you may check the domain's link popularity. If the domain has many inbound links, it is very likely that the domain name have a steady stream of traffic built in. You can find expired domain from Godaddy's domain auction at Another way is to use a paid domain name search tool of to find profitable expired domain.

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