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Importance of Domain name in SEO

Role of Search Engine friendly domain name in successful SEO

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Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui
March 17, 2008

Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui

Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui is one of the leading eMarketing and SEO consultants in Pakistan and Professional member of eMarketing Association. He is CEO of "The eMarketing Consultants” and Head of SEO department of Chillizone Ltd., a UK based web marketing agency. He is also eMarketing and SEO consultant of many Pakistani, US and UK based IT and other companies. Being in this business for last 6 yeas, he has worked on so many projects and has done successful SEO on many web sites.

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Experienced and successful SEOs use different SEO techniques to achieve top search engine ranking. These SEO techniques include both off page optimization and on page optimization techniques. On page optimization techniques include optimizing web page elements like Meta tags. Alt tags, page headings, keyword density etc. where as off page optimization techniques comprise ofincreasing the link popularity by web site submissions, link building and other link popularity techniques.

Very few SEOs know the importance and the role which a SEO friendly domain name plays in the success of SEO process. You can get quick results if you choose a domain name which includes your main keyword. I have done SEO on so many web sites from scratch, right from the selection of domain name. Whenever I was given the option to choose the domain name, I always took advantage of my selected domain name in SEO.


Google considers your domain name as a part of its algorithm or ranking criteria. If your web site is well optimized and your domain name contains your main keyword, you definitely have better chance of higher placement on SERPS.


I recently optimized a web site “” for one of my business associates in UK. I took advantage of domain name “” to optimize the web site for its main keyword “eMarketing Company” or eMarketing Company UK”. The web site got positions on first page of for its main keywords “eMarketing Company”, eMarketing Enquiry” and “eMarketing Consultants”. The main keyword “eMarketing” is present in the domain name “”. You must be very surprised that I got these results within 15 days after I optimized and launched the web site. I have not done any off page optimization yet.


I am working on another web site “” and hoping the same result. If you are looking for a quality SEO company, you may contact:


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Title: Buy Generic Domain may serve your purpose March 17, 2008
Comment by B.K.Saravanan

Nice Topic. If you try to include SEO techniques in Domain names, then the Generic domain name will serve your purpose and branded domains wont help much. I feel that this SEO concepts on domain keyword is up to a maximum of few of percentages of OPtimization. Already generic domain helps to get Direct navigational type in traffic.I maintain a small domain portfolio at to sell generic domains to end users. I feel it as a nice topic for professional domain sellers like me. so that it creates awareness on Generic domains. It is nice that It is already added in SE algorithm. This will serve purpose that a small portion of SE traffic will also flow even it not properly optimized.



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