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DomainAlert Pro Gives Domain Investor's The Edge

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Morgan Kay
June 18, 2008

Morgan Kay

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DomainAlert Pro -The Monitoring, Backordering and Investor's Edge - is a family of products that helps users keep close watch over currently-registered domain names, providing timely and invaluable information on domain status, as well as securing the inside track on registering soon-to-expire domain registrations.

• DomainAlert Monitoring alerts the user if and when a monitored domain becomes available and keeps him/her informed about changes to the domain's Whois information and registration period. DomainAlert Monitoring service can be applied to any domain name, regardless of its registrant and registrar.

• DomainAlert Backordering allows the customer to "backorder" a domain, meaning that DomainAlert will attempt to register the domain on the user's behalf as soon as its registration expires and the domain becomes available. DomainAlert Backordering includes DomainAlert Monitoring capabilities, as well.

• DomainAlert Investor's Edge helps the customer by maintaining a continually updated list of expiring domains from which the customer can select the one( s ) he /she wishes to register upon expiration.

Customer Benefits

• Best chance to register a desired, soon-to-be-expiring domain name.

• Constantly monitors the expired-domain market.

• Reports timely, accurate information.

• Provides all the tools needed for speculation in the domain name market.

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Title: DomainAlert June 30, 2008
Comment by Hung Ying

If a domain* you want is already registered you can still own it. But don't leave anything to chance! Secure your chance to snap it up the INSTANT it becomes available!

* Includes FREE DomainAlert Pro Monitoring for backordered domain! Additional monitoring packs available.
* Includes the cost of registering the domain name and ICANN Fee, so you can have the domain instantly.
* Includes Hosting with Web site builder, Quick Blogcast, and Complete Email with each successful backorder! You'll get your own personalized email address (essential for small businesses) and 25MB total storage, absolutely FREE! ($9.99/yr value) mainalert.htm



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