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How does Domain Validation SSL differ from Business Validation SSL?

Differences between Domain Validation SSL and Business Validation SSL

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Nill Smith
June 01, 2011

Nill Smith

Nill Smith is experienced person have been working in SSL industry since last few year. He is working with the company providing RapidSSL Certificates, Geotrust SSL Certificate, Thawte SSL Certificates and VeriSIgn SSL Certificates. Author has contributed various articles in blog and websites.

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SSL stands for secure socket layer. SSL Certificate is necessary to protect your ecommerce website. However, there are various types of SSL certificates available and you need to choose which one is good for you.

Domain validation SSL Certificate is very fast in issuing. You can be owner of Domain Validation SSL Certificate within few minutes. You do not need to provide any business document for getting SSL Certificate. After registration for SSL Certificate you will get SSL order authentication link.  You just click this link and approve it your request would be complete within some minutes.

Business Validation SSL Certificate is different from Domain Validation SSL Certificate. For getting Business Validation SSL Certificate you have to provide your company papers. Validation process of it takes 3 to 4 days. It is a manual process. It is commissioned by CA. After validation process you can get Business Validation SSL Certificate. In Business Validation SSL Certificate user can get your company name and your contact information from SSL properties.


Differences between Domain Validation SSL and Business Validation SSL:-

  •     You do not require any business document to get Domain Validation SSL Certificate is the Primary difference between Domain Validation SSL and Business Validation SSL.
  •     Another important difference between Domain Validation SSL Certificate and Business Validation SSL Certificate is security. Business Validation SSL Certificate is more secure than Domain Validation SSL Certificate.
  •     Business Validation SSL is more trustworthy than Domain Validation SSL Certificate. People can trust more on the site having Business validation SSL Certificate than having Domain Validation SSL Certificate.
  •     Another important difference is that Domain Validation SSL Certificate cannot provide any information about the company like name and contact information.
  •     Domain validation SSL certificate is very fast in issuing. Business Validation SSL certificate is not as fast as Domain Validation SSL Certificate. Domain Validation SSL Certificate takes only few minutes in issuing but Business Validation SSL Certificate takes 3 or 4 days in issuing.

Business Validation SSL Certificate is one in which all the information about the company including name and contact information a user can get. It is different from other SSL Certificates.


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