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Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Oracle Remote DBA

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Sujain Thomas
November 14, 2016

Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas is the chief marketing manager of a leading Oracle Remote DBA services provider. She has worked very closely with a number of very large companies that are leaders in their respective areas. She has authored a number of case studies on how companies have benefited with remote database administration team.

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The advent of the Internet has totally transformed the way people network with each other. Since it has become far easier to collaborate with each other, individuals and organizations are no longer compelled to do everything on their own. Indeed, it has become the accepted fact that outsourcing functions to people who are more competent can be extremely advantageous because then you are free to focus on your domain expertise and leave the rest to others. This enables you to drive efficiencies up and costs down. Because databases are the lifeblood of contemporary organizations, they need to be managed for maximum performance and efficiency. Many organizations have outsourced the vital task of database administration to professional agencies rather than build internal competencies because of the many advantages. However, it can be quite a task to choose the best remote DBA. Some practical tips:

The Role of the Remote DBA

Fundamentally, a remote DBA services provider ensures that the databases of customers are configured properly and are kept up to date. Apart from keeping track of the latest developments in database technology, the remote DBA ensures that the database is upgraded with the latest releases and patches. The database administrator has also the frontline responsibility for troubleshooting database errors, maintaining a high standard of performance, and maximum database uptime. He is also responsible for ensuring the security of the database, as well as working out a disaster recovery plan in case of security breaches or system crashes.

The Advantages of Remote Database Administration

The ultimate outcome of efficient database management is that the system performs at its maximum performance, and issues are addressed and resolved in real-time. The site can be kept constantly updated with the latest content and the management has access to all the CMS it requires. One of the most significant advantages of remote database management is that problems can be identified and resolved in real-time thus preventing system blackouts that result in loss of sales and reputation. Having Oracle Remote DBA is also a great way of saving on operating costs that are normally associated with recruiting and maintaining an in-house database administration team. A remote DBA services provider also gives you access to a diversity and depth of technical talent that is almost impossible to replicate in-house. End of the day, a remote DBA frees you from the operational hassles of database management and lets you focus on your core business.

Choosing the Right DBA

There is no lack of choice when it comes to selecting a remote DBA agency. However, you need to go about the selection process in a planned manner so that you get the service provider who is compatible with your organization.

You should kick off the process by defining and listing your objectives because unless there is clarity on this, the selection could go haywire. While it is expected that the service provider will assist with the planning, having a list of objectives provides a great basis to start off. Ask your network for recommendations and make a shortlist of the ones that seem to be most promising. The advantage is that for once, there is no constraint on how far away the agency is though it is a good idea to stay within the same time zone.

Evaluate the Agency

When evaluating the shortlisted service providers, you should consider only those that have experience of working on projects that are comparable to yours. Also take into account the resources that the service provider has as well as its financials. If you are relying on a full-service 24x7 mission-critical support then it will be critical for the agency to have the necessary depth and breadth of expertise. The number of years in the business is no doubt important, however, you should really be looking more closely at its track record.

See If You Gel

It is extremely important for both the company and the agency to get along well together. You should establish whether the attitude to work and ethics are similar so that you can benefit from a long-term relationship. Set up a physical meeting with your key team, or if that is not possible, at least do video-conferencing so that you can figure out if you are on the same wavelength.

Ask For a Pitch

If you think that you have identified an agency that seems to be right for the job, ask them to make a financial pitch detailing the levels of performance delivery and how much the cost will be. You will be able to figure out the level of the interest by the amount of research the agency does to prepare a professional quote for you. Ensure that you don’t get carried away and select an agency that you cannot afford for long.


It is vital that you understand the critical importance of remote database administration. You need to ensure that the agency not only has the technical expertise but also is reliable and affordable.

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