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Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

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Jenna Cyprus
August 28, 2018

Jenna Cyprus
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Technology has made the internet an inescapable part of business, no matter the size of your operation.  Whether you are running a strictly online organization, or you have a brick and mortar establishment, there is always a need for technological integration. 


Marketing has become a largely digital platform, and your business deserves to have the latest and greatest in technology-based marketing strategies.  Take a moment to check out a quick description of a few digital marketing tips to get you on your way to a successful campaign.


Start with the basics

The most basic form of digital marketing is building your organization a great business website.  Your business website is the most likely place for consumers to come in contact with information regarding your organization. 


Make sure to create a design that supports the opportunity for web users to make contact with your professionals.  This website providing vital tax forms for web users displays numerous communication initiatives within its design. 


Encourage communication whenever you are presented with the opportunity, and take what people have to say into account when you plan out future marketing efforts. 


Work the social media circuits

Social media should always be on your company’s digital marketing radar.  The amount of web traffic that runs around on social media sites every day is a portion of the online community your business cannot afford to ignore. 


Integrate social media sharing buttons into all of your digital content, and build a social media presence for your business.  Set up profiles on each of the most popular social media platforms, and maintain your pages just as you maintain your business website. 


Email marketing is useful

Use your business website and your social media profiles to gather together a digital rolodex of contacts, and use that information to nurture the relationship you have with interested consumers. 


You may also want to use your collection of email addresses to follow up with past customers, and offer special, exclusive deals from time to time.  Distribution of a weekly newsletter is another great way to keep your business fresh in the minds of targeted consumers. 


Optimize everything for mobile use

Any piece of digital content your business distributes should be formatted to display and function freely on any given mobile device.  Mobile access to the web has far surpassed that of the PC or laptop, and businesses can no longer design for a standard screen size. 


Consider launching a QR campaign

Those funny-looking scrambled squares on the side of some of the most popular products you purchase are called QR (quick response) codes.  Your business can use these well-known markers to offer special promotion deals, direct consumers to your business website, and much more.

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