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Content Marketing Techniques That Boost Lead Generation

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Sujain Thomas
February 01, 2018

Sujain Thomas
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Lead generation and content marketing that complement each other have very close links. Content marketing provides the fuel to the engine of lead generation that drives the marketing campaign ahead. The better you are at utilizing the power of content marketing more encouraging would be the results of lead generation with high conversion prospects. For doing the right to lead generation by using content marketing effectively, you can look into the following techniques that quickly magnify the results. You will be surprised at the stupendous growth of leads that start flowing, and you should nurture it properly to drive it towards conversion.

Create long-form content

Any marketing expert will agree that you have to use content that exceeds 2000 words to attract the audience and to gain their confidence in the brand while demonstrating authority. Yes, we are talking about the long form content. When you write long content that has good information based on authentic sources from where you have gathered it, and as long as it is relevant to the audience, you are passing on more value to readers who reciprocate the good gesture by providing leads. When the content is valuable and appreciated by the audience, Google also starts liking it, and it reflects in ranking.

Use Content upgrades effectively

When viewing content, you would often come across some pop-ups surfacing that contains some relevant information for viewers. The pop-ups are known as lead magnets, and the data it carries is known as content upgrades that you can use craftily to create better viewer engagement by sharing some deft information through it. It translates into increased viewer interest on the website and finally ends up in providing qualified leads. The content upgrades have a motive for collecting some information from viewers like contact details and must have a clear connection to the post upon which it appears.

Some companies like provide outsourcing service for gathering contact information of leads.

Multi touch content shows the way to conversion

Not stopping at lead generation, set your eye on conversion, which is the ultimate goal of marketers. You have to win the trust of consumers so that they make a purchase. To make it happen, you need to create content in a planned way so that once the lead develops, you can maintain a steady flow of content to keep in touch with the lead and nurture it to drive it towards conversion. The series of content that you use for achieving the goal is what we call multi touch content.

Link to webinars through the content

Just like seminars, webinars are highly potent in generating leads for online marketing campaigns. The secret lies in creating well-designed webinars and promoting it with the intent of reaching the hearts of the audience so that they react to it positively. For the effective promotion of the webinar, embed its links into the content as well as in video subtexts and e-mails.

How well you use the content determines the extent of leads that it would generate.

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