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Understanding the factors that make Instagram work for your business

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Walter Moore
August 08, 2018

Walter Moore
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Today, the world of marketing has changed considerably. No matter whatever industry your business is in, you will have to employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that your business marketing is effective. Besides the traditional offline methods of marketing, these days, there are several effective methods of marketing which are entirely dependent on the internet. A large number of people use smartphones these days. And that has changed the way people buy things or look for information. One of the marketing methods is via social media platforms. The best platform for marketing on social media is that of Instagram. This article will explain to you if and how Instagram can work for your particular business.

Why is Instagram so important?

Instagram is quite significant in the world of business marketing these days. The main reason for this is the immense popularity that Instagram enjoys all over the world. Instagram is simple and easy to use, and its design is not too complicated. The size of this app is also quite small which makes it easy for people to install quickly. Instagram is a photo sharing app primarily. Today Instagram has over 800 million users all around the world and around a total of 40 million active users every month. These vast numbers make Instagram an incredible platform for showcasing your products. However, you have to understand how this promotion works and if this promotion will work for you to learn if Instagram will be able to help your business out too.

Why will Instagram have different effects for different businesses?

Instagram will able to work much better for certain types of businesses in a much efficient manner than it will for other kinds of companies. Today, Instagram has millions of active users who log in daily and make posts and comments. Instagram is continuing to grow. It is evident that there will be different people here with different likes and interests. Thus, it is critical to ensure that you are presenting and exposing your business to the right target audience for you to be getting any success. That is why you will have to find out if Instagram will be able to help your particular business out.

Today, Instagram is the most visual marketing platform out there on social media. Thus, if you are someone who provides some specific types of service, then you can try to post a series of photos which will help in conveying your brand the proposition of your brand's values. But Instagram will be more effective if you were to be dealing with physical products, and you could upload photos of the products which you have to sell because when you have raw products to offer, then a well-designed strategy for marketing on Instagram will definitely be useful and help in boosting your sales and increasing your profits.

Devising a strategy of marketing in Instagram: As in the case with social media platforms, you can get good results if you increase the number of people following your brand.  When you have with yourself more people to network with, then you will have more people to go through your posts and learn about your brand and your business. It will go on to increase the number of people who will be learning about your business and gradually your audience will be growing. You will be getting an opportunity to be connecting with a lot of people from your niche, and you will be able to use Instagram ads and other tools on Instagram for this purpose. Interact with your audience through the visual mode. It will be more effective when you have a smartphone with you. All that you are required to do is to take a few photos, then upload them and then allow your followers to see them and then be able to interact with them.

Remember to add a call to action button: You must remember that you are using Instagram for your marketing purposes. One of the most obvious mistakes that a lot of market specialists make is that they post their content online but forget to include a call to action option. You should be setting specific objectives for all your posts and then use that objective for establishing the call to action option. For instance, you can include options like "register now" and "buy now."

Using the analytics: Instagram offers a lot of useful tools to business owners to analyze the effect that their marketing campaigns make. These analytical tools in Instagram will allow you to see how the various business campaigns that you have running are working out. You have to convert your Instagram account to a business account to access the tools. These tools will be good enough to be helping you to get an understanding of how the followers you have are engaging and dealing with the content you upload, and this will help you to get better results.

Cross Promotion: You have to understand that despite its popularity, not everyone will be using Instagram. Hence you have to do a cross-promotion of each of your posts that you make on Instagram with a cross-promotional post of the same thing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. You must also remember to invite people from your other social media accounts to come and follow you on Instagram.

You can buy real Instagram followers from a good digital marketing agency online. There are several agencies that can do this for you at a minimal cost. That will significantly help you to build a stronger online presence for your brand on Instagram as the more number of followers will be meaning more amounts of sales and more business profit.


Instagram is one of the best media for marketing your business products today.  If you have a business which deals with selling physical products, then Instagram will work for you very well. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you to understand how you should be using Instagram for getting more success.

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