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Why Customized WordPress Themes Are Not Always Necessary

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Ricky Brown
August 14, 2019

Ricky Brown

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Once a potential WordPress site runner has taken the time to meet with an app development company, they will often ask about custom WordPress themes. Custom WordPress themes are often believed to be the backbone of any well run site but this is not always the truth. Any app development company can guide their clients towards WordPress.


It takes a top notch app development company to align their clients with the best themes. While it is easy to see why so many companies look to WordPress for customized themes, there are always going to be instances where they are not necessary. In many cases, this is not going to be most cost effective solution nor will it position a business for the future.


Before shelling out for a customized WordPress theme, be sure to meet with an app development company and a WordPress web developer. They can offer clients further background on all of the following reasons for choosing a non customized theme and keep them from spending money for the mere sake of doing so.


1. Core Updates Can Cause Issues


There are an number of WordPress users who are blissfully unaware of the fact that core updates can actually cause more problems than they solve. Custom builds do not respond to core updates in the manner in which they are supposed to. This is something that must be considered when choosing a WordPress theme.


Any app development company or web developer worth their salt will typically guide clients away from a custom theme for this reason. The last thing that any site runner needs is a non functional site that has been damaged by core updates. It can also be tough to find a developer who is willing to address these issues once they have already taken place.


2. Plugin Conflicts


When talking to an app development company or a potential theme developer, this is a key area of discussion. When a customized WordPress theme is selected, its level of compatibility with the plugins that are being used is always going to be in question. The leading plugins are simply not compatible with all of the customized themes that WordPress has to offer.


Those who do not take the time to make sure of this compatibility before installing plugins and customized themes are placing themselves in an incredibly difficult position. In some cases, the navigation will vanish or the CSS begins to break down. These may seem like extreme issues in nature but they are more common than most WordPress site runners realize.


3. Lack of Ongoing Updates


Ongoing updates are the lifeblood of any high functioning WordPress site. This is something that an app development company is always going to emphasize when they are in the process of working with a client. When a customized WordPress theme is chosen, many site runners do so without taking the time to consider one crucial fact: ongoing updates are not going to be available as a part of this license.


This means that the site runner will be forced to shell out for an ongoing support plan, on top of the costs of the custom theme. Meanwhile, the developer that assisted the client is typically going to be unwilling to provide any further assistance. If a developer cannot and will not sign on to provide updates, this is a sign that the client should not be considering a custom WordPress theme.


4. No Ongoing Management Support


These sites and apps tend to require a sizable amount of ongoing management support. Buying a custom WordPress theme comes with a wide range of other requirements that clients do not always take the time to consider. Someone must be on hand to provide support. While some site runners can afford to keep these sorts of staffers on hand....others are not always going to be so lucky.


Ongoing support is wonderful, for sure. On the other hand, it is rather costly and it is easy to see why it is not feasible for all parties involved. Those who cannot afford ongoing management support without having to make important sacrifices should not be considering custom WordPress themes for any reason.


5. Construction Can Be Time Consuming


This is something that must be taken into account by any WordPress site runner that is looking to get online quickly. Customized WordPress themes do not have a fast turnaround time. Even the best designers are going to struggle to create a theme in a short period of time. Features and templates are not deployed quickly and no site runner should ever expect them to be.


Each step of the process could take days, weeks or even months. Is this something that the site runner is equipped to handle or do they need a theme that can be finished quickly? This is the question that must be answered as honestly as possible before the site runner and their chosen developers can proceed. Otherwise, they may be embarking on a process that they do not have the stomach for.


A potential WordPress user who is looking to get the most out of the platform will want to make sure that they are using their resources wisely. By taking the time to research potential themes and find a non customized option, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure proper use of resources and steer clear of all the usual pitfalls.

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