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Derek Iwasiuk
June 17, 2008, a newcomer in domain live auctions, is launching on June 18th with the promise to bring big changes to the domain business.

“Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. The marketplace lacked a centralized platform where the focus of the entire domain auction world would focus on one domain name. That is where comes into play. We are looking to maximize the exposure of each domain name, thereby benefiting the owner and potentially the buyer as each domain name does not have a reserve price but a set guarantee which our company will pay for the domain name if no one else does. It’s truly a win-win for domain name owners and buyers.”, Jude Augusta Vice President of Operations of says.

Bido’s innovative auction platform will feature one-domain-name-per-day auction. The company guarantees a minimum sale price for every domain and the low 8% commission rate. Unique for the industry “social approach” to domain auctions will include industry experts’ comments on every domain at auction. The initial bid will start from $ 1.00.

Here are the first domains that will be auctioned:

“Once the outside world realizes there is a venue where they can buy premium domain names at realistic prices, the entire industry will be revolutionized. Domain names play a major role in search engine optimization. While ‘parked’ domain names collecting ‘cost-per-click/cpc’ revenue have been penalized of recent by Google and Yahoo as being irrelevant, the developed generic domain names are getting the royal treatment.” Bido's president Darren Cleveland believes.

Hopefully, Bido will bring more competition on the domain name auction arena.

For more information visit

You can also read Bido's offical announcement

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