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Simple Ways to Avoid Losing Your Domain Name
September 27, 2017
Once you purchase a domain name it’s yours to use as you see fit. Of course, you’ll need hosting and a content management system to get your domain connected to the internet.

How to Put Your Technical Skills to Good Use
June 01, 2017
Have you got technical skills that you're not using to their full potential? Unfortunately, a large number of people who have many different technical talents don't realize just how valuable these talents are.

Here are Some SEO Tips for Your Startup Website!
August 19, 2016
One of the assets of any modern business is its website. This is an online location were current and potential consumers can find information about it. Examples of this information include products, services, administrative structure and contacts.

News (390):

.NL domain registrations approaching 4,500,000
May 23, 2011
SIDN,responsible of the administration of .NL extension, is approaching 4,500,000 domain name registrations under .NL . This number makes .NL one of the largest ccTLDs when one looks at the number of domains registered per person with one domain for every three people .Moreover, .NL is one of the largest ccTLDs in terms of total registrations.

Victoria's Secret gets hands on
May 22, 2011
The American retailer of woman's wear,lingerie,shoes and beauty products,Victoria's Secret ,won the domain name in arbitration.

Dotster Says Buyer Beware: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Hot Buzzword, but Many Providers Offer Little More Than Hot Air
November 27, 2007
In today's ultra-competitive world of online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is life or death. SEO improves the ability of Search Engines, such as Google or Yahoo!, to recognize and find your Web site.

Use of .EU Domain Names Up 23% during Third Quarter
November 21, 2007
EURid, the European registry for .eu, announced on Monday that registrations for the .eu top-level Internet domain continued to grow during the third quarter of this year.

Cyveillance Reports Malware Attacks via Web Sites Grew
November 08, 2007
Cyveillance, the world leader in cyber intelligence, announced its latest "Online Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Report." During the third quarter of 2007, Cyveillance identified a significant shift in the nature of online attacks with malware-based attacks jumping 30 percent to more than 3 million attacks.

Leading Canadian Companies Help Shield Consumers from Online Fraud with VeriSign Extended Validation SSL
October 29, 2007
To help keep Canadian consumers from falling prey to identity thieves and online fraud artists, Brother Canada, HMV and are providing their customers with an extra layer of protection thanks to VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world.

Estdomains Opens .eu Domain Registration
October 09, 2007
The .eu TLD was approved by ICANN on March 22, 2005 and put in the Internet root zone on May 2, 2005. Ever, since the European Union has obtained its unique interactive identity on the global web, not as a representative of a single nation, but as an integrated European community.

Domain Names. Quality domain name. Right generic Domains at
October 05, 2007
All domain names are not created equal. Far from it. The difference between a good quality domain name and a bad one is huge. With a domain name, the very vast majority of bad quality domain names are useless and worthless, and their true value is not even the price of the registration.

Latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief Underscores Growth of Internet Internationally
August 29, 2007
The number of domain names registered globally now totals more than 138 million, according to the second quarter 2007 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world.

VeriSign Board Elects Jim Bidzos as New Chairman
August 24, 2007
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world, announced on Tuesday that the board of directors has elected D. James Bidzos to become chairman, replacing Edward A. Mueller who has resigned after his recent selection as the chairman and CEO of Qwest Communications International.

Columbus Museum of Art Selects OpenDNS as its Primary Web Content-Filtering Solution
August 21, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, announced the Columbus Museum of Art has chosen the service as its sole Web content-filtering solution and deployed it across its entire network.

Calistoga Ranch makes the switch to OpenDNS from ISP's DNS
August 17, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, announced Calistoga Ranch, an Auberge Resort, is using OpenDNS instead of the DNS it gets by default from its ISP and keeping all staffers and guests online and safe and helping them easily navigate to resort services online.

Domain Name Registrar EstDomains Extends INFO Promotion
August 16, 2007
Domain name registrar EstDomains Inc. has extended its promotion regarding INFO domains.

Largest Live Domain Auction Includes HomeSites.Com, Several Other Premium Domains
August 15, 2007
Top domains including,, and are up for grabs on Wednesday, August 15th 2007 at the Domain Roundtable conference in Seattle, Washington. YourOwnName.Com highlights the best domains up for auction.

Domain Name Registrar Froggy Domains Adds New Feature to Its Webmail Product
August 13, 2007
Domain name registrar Froggy Domains has enhanced its Web-based email product by adding short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service.

OpenDNS Selected by Missouri Power Transmission
August 10, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, announced that Missouri Power Transmission has switched to OpenDNS from the DNS service it previously got from its Internet Service Provider (ISP).

OpenDNS Lets SysAdmins Block the Bad and Allow the Good
August 10, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, has rolled out a new feature that lets account holders whitelist domains they want excepted from categorical domain blocking.

Virtual England Sold - First Real Country Sold in a Virtual World
August 09, 2007
England, the first real country to be sold in the history of virtual worlds, has been awarded to a group of entrepreneurs from North America. The winning bid was $60,001 real US dollars.

Study Finds Companies Are Overpaying for DNS Security -- Why Not Just Use OpenDNS?
August 07, 2007
Recent study concludes pricey DNS security appliances are ineffective; OpenDNS offers free solution. Announces Internet Launch
August 06, 2007
UTK Domains, provider of high quality and fully automated reseller plans, announced the launch of its online site.

BlogSpot Brands Announces Rare FSBO Real Estate Domain Name Portfolio for Sale on eBay
July 24, 2007
BlogSpot Brands announced that the “FSBO Domain Name Portfolio” of rare FSBO real estate domain names will be auctioned on eBay beginning Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 7 P.M. EST.

Domain Name Swapping Marketplace Launched
July 24, 2007 is a newly launched free marketplace for trading domain names and websites. Acquires Bendigo Hosting and Domain Names R Us
July 17, 2007 announced that it is acquiring Bendigo Hosting and Domain Names R Us. "I'm happy with the current progress and we should have all companies operating as one entity by the end of this month," said Chris Mather, Group Operations Manager for Asia Pacific.

PacHosting Launches Smart EmaiLink Service
July 16, 2007
PacHosting has launched Smart EmaiLink service, which utilizes IDNS (Intelligent DNS) technology.

Domain Registrar Froggy Domains Boosts Hosting Security
July 12, 2007
Domain registrar and web host Froggy Domains has added another layer of security to its Web hosting, deploying TippingPoint™ Intrusion Prevention Systems to block attacks.

Web Host and Domain Registrar BlueHost Inc. Surpasses 300,000 Domains
July 11, 2007
BlueHost Inc., a provider of shared website hosting and domain name registration services, announced today that they have recently surpassed 300,000 domains.

Intelective Communications, Inc. Launches Seventy New Parked Domains
July 10, 2007
Intelective Communications, Inc. an online media company announced earlier today that it has completed customized content development for approximately seventy domains that it has parked with TrafficZ, a leader in domain parking. Releases IP2Location ISAPI Filter
July 09, 2007
IP2Location ISAPI Filter is an Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) plug-in that can be used with any web server running IIS, which enables you to discover in real-time, where your web visitors are coming from by IP address.

Web Host and Domain Registrar Eskhosting Unveils Free Domain Name Promotion
July 03, 2007
Web host and domain registrar Eskhosting has launched a wide-ranging Free Domain Name advertising campaign for all its valued customers.

BlogSpot Brands Launches Top Tier Domain Name Auction
July 02, 2007
BlogSpot Brands, a leading developer of business and eCommerce websites, has launched a domain name auction site offering only top tier domain names and active websites. Launches Hosting and Domain Name Services
June 21, 2007 search engine website dedicated to helping drive E-Commerce to small, midsize or large business organizations, has launched hosting and domain name services.

Tucows Introduces First Wholesale Premium Domain Name Service
June 20, 2007
Tucows Inc., a leading provider of Internet services to web hosting companies and ISPs worldwide, has unveiled its Premium Domains service - the first such offering at thewholesale level.

DNSWorld Conference to Be Held in Cancun Mexico
June 20, 2007
DNS World, the premiere conference on Internet Domain Name Service will set the stage for a new era in DNS, Internet domains, and IP addressing on October 10 - 12, 2007. Releases Innovative Domain Name Control Solution
June 19, 2007
Leading domain name registrar has launched, a new service that allows domain professionals to have exclusive control of an ICANN-accredited registrar.

Web Host and Domain Registrar WZIC, Inc. Releases
June 18, 2007
Web host and domain name registrar WZIC, Inc. is expanding its product variety and target audience with the release of

Intelective Communications, Inc. Purchases Additional .MOBI and .COM Domains
June 15, 2007
Online media company Intelective Communications, Inc. has finalized a contract referenced in an announcement earlier this week to purchase approximately 100 .MOBI and .COM Domains that include high quality Generic Terms and Spanish Domain Names. Announces New EV SSL Certificates
June 15, 2007
Domain name registrar has announced that new Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are available for sale and ready to install.

Leading New York Fashion Label Selects OpenDNS
June 13, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced Kathy Van Zeeland is using OpenDNS instead of the DNS services offered by its ISPs.

Intelective Communications, Inc. Enters Domain Appraisal Process and Negotiations for Additional Domains for Purchase
June 12, 2007
Intelective Communications, Inc.(tm), an online media company, announced today that it is entering into a formal Appraisal process for some of its most valuable Domain Assets with Afternic, a division of Demand Media, Inc. and has also entered final discussions with certain parties for the purchase of several additional large blocks of Domain Properties.

InfoWorld Names VeriSign's Aristotle Balogh One of Industry's 25 Top CTOs for 2007
June 11, 2007
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world, announced that Aristotle Balogh, the company's Chief Technology Officer and head of Global Product Development, is one of InfoWorld magazine's Top 25 CTOs for 2007.

OpenDNS Gives SysAdmins The Power to Block Adult Sites
June 11, 2007
OpenDNS, the award-winning DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced an additional level of DNS control for system administrators with a free DNS account.

Latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief for Q1 2007 Released
June 06, 2007
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world, has released the VeriSign® Domain Name Industry Brief for the first quarter of 2007.

Intelective Communications, Inc. Diversifies Domain Portfolio With Move Into .MOBI Market
June 04, 2007
Intelective Communications, Inc.(tm), an online media company that provides online advertising services and owns an online ad network of web sites, is today announcing that it has purchased approximately 40 .MOBI domain names to add to its growing ad network comprising domain names and web sites.

VeriSign Board of Directors Elects William A. Roper, Jr. as CEO and Edward A. Mueller as Chairman
May 29, 2007
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world, announced that its Board of Directors has elected William A. Roper, Jr. as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Jackson, Miss. School District Chooses OpenDNS to Improve the Internet Experience
May 29, 2007
OpenDNS announced Jackson Public Schools is using OpenDNS as a forwarder to offload its internal DNS servers, making the Internet experience better than ever for its tens of thousands of students and staff and freeing network administrators of the burdens associated with faulty DNS.

ClickFacts Picks OpenDNS to Power to its Fraud-Fighting Machine
May 23, 2007
OpenDNS announced ClickFacts Inc. is using OpenDNS as its internal DNS provider to offload internal DNS servers, get better redundancy and improve geographic distribution.

Iconix® Truemark® Service Now Available for Microsoft® Outlook® 2003
May 23, 2007
ICONIX, Inc., a leading provider of visual email identification solutions, today announced that a beta version of its Truemark service is now available for Microsoft Outlook 2003.

Poker Domain Names Offered for Sale by
May 22, 2007
Poker is booming and online Poker is extremely popular and very profitable. To get a piece of the cake, a good Poker domain name is a must.

Free Rider Web Hosting Offers Discount for Private Domain Registrations
May 21, 2007
Free Rider Web Hosting has announced that customers can now purchase its Private Registration service at the special rate of $1.95 per domain per year until May 31.

Dotster Empowers Small Business to Compete with Big Business Online
May 18, 2007
Dotster, Inc., one of the world's most successful Internet companies, announces the launch of the new Dotster Design Studio that gives your small-to-medium sized business the "leg-up" it needs to succeed in a big business dominated world.

OpenDNS Customers Now Able to Block Specific Domains
May 14, 2007
Award-winning DNS provider OpenDNS announced it is giving even more network control to its customers by letting them block specific domains through their OpenDNS account. Domain Name Offered for Sale
May 10, 2007
Web Management S.A., an Internet domain investment and development company located in the Republic of Panama, is auctioning off the domain name this week.

Canadians Celebrate 20th Anniversary of the Dot-ca Domain Name
May 10, 2007
On Monday May 14th, Canadians can wave a virtual flag to mark the 20th anniversary of the dot-ca domain.

Dotster Adds Powerful cPanel/WHM Control Panel to VPS
May 09, 2007
Dotster, Inc., one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain registration and Web hosting companies, today announces it has added cPanel/WHM (Web Hosting Manager) software to its Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services.

OpenDNS Selected by Total Access Networks
May 07, 2007
OpenDNS, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, announced Total Access Networks Inc. is using OpenDNS to offload the 1 million DNS requests hitting its in-house cluster of servers daily, saving resources and CPU process time and providing an overall better Internet experience for its broadband and wireless clients.

simplewebhosting Wins Web Design Award
May 04, 2007
simplewebhosting, a UK-based Web hosting provider and domain name registrar, announced on Friday it has been awarded the maximum five stars and is currently ranked top in the UK by the popular 'Which Web Design Company' (WWDC) website.

dotWORLDS to Launch New Free Multi-Video Global Conferencing Center for Personal Computers
May 03, 2007
dotWORLDS will soon be launching its Brand New Multi-Video Global Conferencing Center which will be made available completely free to all members, users and visitors worldwide.

Demand Media Launches ME.TV to Give Users Power to Become Masters of Their Own Social Media Domains
May 03, 2007
Demand Media, Inc. introduced on the first integrated suite of proprietary social media tools that allows anyone to own, program, and share his or her own personal video-centric website with social networking features completely controlled by them.

Sedo Partners With Prolexic to Provide Cutting-Edge Protection From DDoS Attacks
April 27, 2007
Sedo, the leading online marketplace for the buying and selling of domain names, has closed an agreement with Prolexic Technologies, the global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation.

.BIZ Top-Level Domain Prices to Go Up
April 24, 2007
NeuStar has renegotiated its contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to maintain operational and administrative control of the registry for the .BIZtop-level domain.

OpenDNS Makes the Address Bar Usable; Puts Internet Users in the Driver's Seat
April 23, 2007
OpenDNS, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, announces the first-ever individual-controlled shortcuts that empower people to determine how the address bar in their Web browser behaves.

New Risk-Free Domain Naming Service Puts Cybersquatters Out Of Business
April 20, 2007
PickyDomains.Com is a new Web 2.0 domain naming service that picks snappy and memorable domain names on a risk-free basis.

Yahoo! Mail Adds OpenDNS Phishing Protection
April 19, 2007
OpenDNS announced today that Yahoo! Mail, the world's No. 1 Web mail service, is leading the anti-phishing fight by using fraud protection powered by as a component of its program to protect email users from malicious scam artists.

Domain Names for Blogs and Social Sites Available at
April 19, 2007
Domain names for blogs and social sites are now available for the first time at It is a great opportunity to invest in top quality very popular domain names for an increasingly growing market.

Dotster Announces .Mobi Mobile Web Developer Certification For Its Top Web Designers
April 18, 2007
Dotster, Inc., one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain registration and Web hosting companies, announces the .Mobi Mobile Web Developer Certification of its two lead Web designers to build sites.

Email Users Open 67% More Messages When Marked With Visual Icons, Study Reveals
April 17, 2007
Study conducted by ICONIX finds that companies that use email authentication best practices see open rates skyrocket when authentication is paired with visual icons.

Internet Finance International Lists Approximately 1,000 Domain Names with Moniker's Marketplace
April 16, 2007
A leading Internet media distribution and direct search firm Internet Finance International Corporation today announced that it has listed approximately 1,000 of its top domain names in Moniker's Marketplace for sale.

Free Rider Web Hosting Sells Domains For $1.99
April 16, 2007
Free Rider Web Hosting announced it is selling domains for $1.99. Until 30 April, customers can buy a domain at the special rate when they purchase a non-domain product such as web hosting. to Donate Part of Business DN Sales Profits to Charity
April 13, 2007
A new offer to sell premium business domain names provides a good opportunity to purchase excellent brand names for Internet messaging service providers before prices escalate.

Over .eu Domain Names Registered in One Year
April 12, 2007
Just one year after its launch, almost two thirds (63%) of the European online population are aware of the .eu Internet top level domain name and 45 % know that they, as residents of EU, can get their own .eu domain name.

Hostway Appoints New President for RegistryPro
April 10, 2007
Hostway Corporation, a global leader in Web hosting and hosted services delivered over the Internet, today announced that Catherine Sigmar has been appointed President of RegistryPro, the exclusive operator of the .Pro top level domain (TLD) for professionals.

VeriSign Increases .Com/.Net Domain Name Fees
April 10, 2007
VeriSign, Inc. has announced an increase in registry domain name fees for .com and .net, per its agreements with ICANN, effective Oct. 15, 2007.

There's No Cost For Domains, Emails, Hosting or Storage at dotWORLDS
April 06, 2007
dotWORLDS website has just been upgraded and it's crammed with an even wider range of free products and services.

Host Color Offers 35% off Easter Special
April 06, 2007
Host Color, a global shared web hosting provider has announced today it has reduced the prices of all of the company’s web hosting packages with 35% during the Easter week.

Rick Schwartz Opens Domain Name and Traffic Blog
April 06, 2007
Rick Schwartz aka "Domain King" has announced the opening of his new blog,

BRS Media's Web-Radio Re-Launches its Wildly Successful Radio Tool Bar
April 05, 2007
BRS Media's Web-Radio, the most comprehensive directory of stations broadcasting on the Net, today announced the re-launch of its Web-Radio Tool Bar. Releases New April 2007 Geolocation Database
April 05, 2007, as leading provider of Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, today announced the release of April 2007 updates for all products.

EstDomains Improved Transfer Technique Means Users Save Big on Renewals
March 27, 2007
EstDomains Inc., a name in the domain hosting and management industry recently announced improvements to their transfer protocol.

OpenDNS Breaks New Ground
March 27, 2007
OpenDNS announced it has handled 100 billion Domain Name System (DNS) queries and counting with zero downtime since its free service became available last year.

Free Rider Web Hosting Offers Discount For .com Transfers
March 26, 2007
Free Rider Web Hosting is offering a special rate for people wanting to transfer their existing .com domain to another web hosting company. Introduces New 6-IN-1 SSL Certificates
March 19, 2007 now offers a new 6-in-1 certificate for assuring Web site security while saving online businesses time and money.

U.K. Secondary Domain Name Market Sees a Growth of More than 150% in 2006 Growth in domain value exceeds that of .com
March 13, 2007
Annual statistics for 2006 compiled by domain marketplace Sedo and DNJournal, the domain industry trade magazine, reveal a surge of 153% in the value of all published .CO.UK domain sales worldwide, in comparison to a growth of 79% in 2005.

Hostway Expands Domain Services, Launches Domain Name Registration Sale
March 13, 2007
Hostway, a global provider of Web hosting and domain name registration, is aggressively expanding its domain name services with the release of two value-added products that protect small businesses from of phishers, identity thieves, telemarketers and scam artists.

BlogSpot Brands Announces Business and e-Commerce Blog Auction
March 09, 2007
BlogSpot Brands announced the launch of the first known business and eCommerce blog auction.

Asia Domain Names Set to Explode as Instra Corporation Goes 'Chinese'
March 09, 2007
Instra Corporation, Australia's leading Domain Name and ENUM Registrar, has been named by HKDNR, the Hong-Kong Domain Name Registry, as their Best Performing New Service Partner 2006 (Overseas).

DomainsBot Launches the New Version of its Name Suggestion Technology
March 09, 2007
DomainsBot, the leading provider of domain name suggestions, today announced a major update in its core product, the DomainsBot Semantic Engine.

Super Domain Store Inc. to Auction
March 09, 2007
Super Domain Store Inc., a domain reseller located in Pompano Beach, Florida, announced that it would auction off the domain name on March 20, 2007.

LI Web Hosting Offers $0.99 .info Domains
March 05, 2007
LI Web Hosting is offering new one year .info domain name registrations for $0.99 USD. The .info top level domain is an unrestricted domain that anyone can register. Releases New March 2007 Geolocation Database
March 01, 2007, as leading provider of Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, today announced the release of March 2007 updates for all products.

Live Auctions of Domain Names Now Available at
February 27, 2007
Domain name live auctions are now available at and it is a great opportunity to buy top quality generic domain names for a fraction of the prices.

Hostway Releases WhoisProtector Lite
February 26, 2007
Web host and domain name registrar Hostway has announced the release WhoisProtector Lite, a product domain name owners to keep their private contact information out of the hands of phishers, identity thieves, telemarketers and scam artists. Launches World's First Personalized OpenID Service
February 26, 2007 launches the first fully personalized, portable OpenID solution for the mass market, in partnership with Global Name Registry, JanRain and Key Systems, signing up more than 4000 users after just four days of operation.

Hostway Launches Domain Name Protection Product
February 26, 2007
Web host and domain name registrar Hostway announced it has released DomainGuard, a new product designed to protect its customers from losing domain names to hijackers or having domain name control fall into the wrong hands.

National Arbitration Forum Reports 21% Increase in 2006 Domain Name Filings
February 20, 2007
The National Arbitration Forum reports that their domain name disputes resolutions increased by 21% in 2006 compared to 2005.

Sedo selects as a Strategic Partner in Brazil
February 20, 2007
Sedo, world leader in the market for secure intermediation in the sale of domain names that have already been registered, has chosen the Brazilian company as its strategic partner in Brazil.

EstDomains Inc. Offers Reduced Domain Name Registration Prices for Resellers
February 20, 2007
EstDomains Inc. offers reduced domain name registration prices within its reseller program.

Searchen Networks Inc., Offers First Domain Name 301 Redirect Forwarding Control
February 19, 2007
Searchen Networks Inc., an Internet search engine marketing and domain registration services company, now offers domain name services which include "redirection control" including the sought after "301 redirect" for domain forwarding.

Domain Name Market in 2007: Will the Growth Continue?
February 12, 2007
The domain name industry experienced unprecedented growth in 2006. Leading domain industry news source Domain Name Wire is conducting a study of the domain name market and where it's headed in 2007.

VeriSign Announces Major Initiative to Strengthen and Diversify its Global Internet Infrastructure by 2010
February 09, 2007
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, announced a major initiative to expand and diversify the capacity of its global Internet infrastructure by ten times by the year 2010.

More Than 400 Online Businesses Enhance Consumer Safety With VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Certificates
February 08, 2007
VeriSign, Inc. announced that more than 400 leading companies have registered for its Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates, which help protect users against online fraudulent activity by providing third party verification of a Web site's authenticity.

Web Host Offers Free Domain Names for Valentine's Day
February 08, 2007, one of the web hosting leaders in the industry, is celebrating Valentine's Day with a very special offer. Hostedtoday is offering free domain registration for 1 year for all hosting accounts created between now and February 15th.

Domain Inspect: Domain WHOIS and Link Popularity Checker Released
February 06, 2007
AntsSoft today announced the release of Domain Inspect version 1.6. Domain Inspect is a feature-rich domain name checker software, enabling you to quickly and conveniently find desired domain names to register. Releases New February 2007 Geolocation Database
February 05, 2007, as leading provider of Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, today announced the release of February 2007 updates for all products.

Newsletter Service Launches for Websites and Domain Names for Sale
February 01, 2007
Website Auction Hub has recently announced the launch of their Newsletter service. This makes the website that features the largest collection of established websites, turnkey websites and domain names for sale even better.

New Web Site The Small Site With Big Names
February 01, 2007
There has never been a better time to secure a high performance domain name. Newly launched offers select eCommerce domains that are easy to remember, improves visibility, credibility and captures traffic.

More Affordable Domain Names from EstDomains
January 30, 2007
During a special offer from EstDomains you can get a .COM, .NET, or .NAME domain name for as low as $5.99, a .BIZ domain for $5.39, a .US domain for $5.49, and .CC or ."V domain for just $17.99 and $24.99 respectively.

BuyDomains and Afternic Partner with to Create Premier Aftermarket Domain Sales Channel
January 25, 2007
NameMedia's Domain Name Marketplace, the world leader in high performance domain name sales today announced a strategic marketing partnership with Australia-based has Dropped .EU Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfer Fee
January 24, 2007 Inc. has announced that starting from 1st January 2007 the price for .EU registration, renewal and transfers is reduced to 14.95 CAD/year.

Introducing the .eu registrar Code of Conduct
January 22, 2007
Eurid, the registry for .eu, has drawn up a code of conduct for its accredited registrars which is to be made effective within the next couple of months.

DevStart Announces "Best of 2006" Awards, Geared for Web Enthusiasts and Small Businesses
January 18, 2007
The awards feature 18 categories, published across five different sites of the DevStart network. Each award category lists companies and projects who distinguished themselves during the past year, and in the same laid the foundations for continued quality service and innovation in 2007. Introduces Unlimited Domain Hosting
January 17, 2007
Web hosting provider announced on Monday that it has significantly upgraded all its hosting packages, while keeping the prices unchanged.

DigitalTown Expands Its Social Network by Acquiring 8,000 Domains
January 12, 2007
BDC Capital, Inc. today said it had completed the acquisition of another 8,000 community spirit domain names in a major expansion of its DigitalTown social network portal.

STANDS4 Morphs Into
January 11, 2007
STANDS4 LLC, the company that operates the popular acronyms and abbreviations online dictionary, today announced it acquired the domain name and is relaunching its website under the new identity.

Unleash the Power of Having a .mobi Domain Name
January 11, 2007 domain registrar company, offers the popular WebSite Tonight® product, providing key features for those yearning to get involved in the .MOBI revolution.

4Domains, Inc. Offers $6.95 Domain Names and 50% Discounted Web Hosting Specials
January 09, 2007
4Domains, Inc. has lowered their domain name registration pricing to $6.95/year (plus a $0.25 cent ICANN fee) for all new domain name registrations. to Hold Premium Domain Name Auction at Internext Expo in Las Vegas
January 09, 2007
Moniker, the first and only provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, announced a list of premium domain names that will be available during an exciting Live Auction Wednesday, January 17, 2007 from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the upcoming Internext Expo. Releases New January 2007 Geolocation Database
January 08, 2007, as leading provider of Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, today announced the release of January 2007 updates for all products.

NeuStar Announces Launch of Five New International Domain Names In .BIZ TLD
January 04, 2007
NeuStar, Inc., a leading provider of essential clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industry, has deployed five new international domain name (IDN) language scripts in the .BIZ top-level Internet domain.

Domain Name Registrar Dotster Announces Winners of Talent Search
January 04, 2007
Dotster Inc., ICANN registrar and one of the nation's leading Internet and technology companies, has announced the winners of its 2006 nationwide Search for the Dotster Dots spokesmodel talent search, as well as the winner of its $25,000 sweepstakes contest.

Hot Adult Domain Names to Be Auctioned Live at Internext
January 03, 2007
More than 250 adult domain names are going to be auctioned at Internext Las Vegas in January. Announces Web Site Builder for .MOBI
January 03, 2007
Casa de Domains, where website services are done right, offers the popular WebSite Tonight product, providing key features for those yearning to get involved in the .MOBI revolution. Releases New December 2006 Geolocation Database
December 20, 2006, as leading provider of Internet geo-location software and services for the e-commerce industry, today announced the release of December 2006 updates for all products.

World's Largest Baby Boomers Domain Portfolio Will Be Released to the Public in 2007
December 19, 2006
The Boomers & Seniors World Network is releasing its Domain Portfolio of Baby Boomers, Boomers, and Seniors Domain names.

Federal Jury Agrees Unanimously - Did Not Discriminate
December 19, 2006
A U.S. District Court jury of eight women returned its verdict in just four hours Friday, finding® did not discriminate against a former employee.

Google Adds Domain Name Registration to Google Apps for Your Domain
December 18, 2006
Google has added domain registration services to Google Apps for Your Domain, a platform that allows organizations to offer tools like email and shared calendaring to all of their users, and have them all hosted by Google so there's no hardware or software to install or maintain.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Announces New York City Show for Domain Name Owners
December 15, 2006
The World Association of Domain Name Developers, Inc. has announced it's first T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show in New York City starting June 19th and running until the 22nd.

NeuStar Retains Operational Control of .BIZ Registry
December 14, 2006
NeuStar, Inc., a provider of essential communications services to the global communications and Internet industry, has successfully renegotiated its agreement with ICANN to maintain operational and administrative control of the registry for the .BIZ global top-level domain (gTLD).

VeriSign and Demand Media Join Forces to Promote .tv Domain Names
December 14, 2006
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, announced a strategic alliance with Demand Media to leverage its industry relationships and Web 2.0 expertise to market the .tv Top Level Domain Name (TLD) as the preferred Web address for rich media content.

McAfee, Inc. Receives Coveted Checkmark Premium Anti-Spam Certification
December 13, 2006
McAfee, Inc. today announced that it has received a Checkmark Premium Anti-Spam Certification for accurately detecting 98 percent of spam in independent testing performed by West Coast Labs.

VeriSign Combats Online Fraud With New Digital Brand & Fraud Protection Services
December 12, 2006
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, today launched a suite of new Digital Brand and Fraud Protection services. Launches Unlimited Domain Web Hosting
December 11, 2006
Web hosting provider has launched an unlimited domain hosting plan. The "Enterprise" plan will feature 40000 MB data storage, 500 GB data transfer and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains on a single account.

Premium Domain Names for Sale
December 08, 2006
Zootgraphics, Inc / is proud to announce that,,,, and other prime Geo targeted names are currently available for sale. Ignites New Generation Land Rush in Virtual World
December 07, 2006
A worldwide land grab is underway as people rush to purchase states and cities at, a first-of-its-kind virtual duplicate of the world based on real properties, cities, states and Internet domains.

Domain Capital and Announce Prominent Domain Name Refinancing
December 06, 2006
Domain Capital announces a strategic partnership with, Inc., owner of the web site, for the refinancing of the domain name "" with a transaction value of over $1 million dollars.

OpenDNS Announces November 2006 PhishTank Statistics
December 06, 2006
OpenDNS, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster and smarter for you and everyone using your network, announced November 2006 statistics for PhishTank, the free, community Web site where anyone can submit, verify, track and share phishing data.

Cyveillance Announces Top Tips for Holiday Shopping
December 06, 2006
Cyveillance, the leading provider of online risk monitoring and management solutions, offers consumers the most common Internet security exposures during the holiday shopping season and tips on how to avoid them.

NTIA Approves New .Com Domain Name Registry Agreement
December 05, 2006
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has approved a new .com domain name registry agreement between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and VeriSign Inc.

Website Auction Hub Launches Collection of Turnkey Websites and Domain Names for Sale
December 05, 2006
Website Auction Hub has launched their newly redesigned website featuring the largest collection of established websites, turnkey websites and domain names for sale.

A $10 Million Domain May Influence Upcoming Elections
December 04, 2006 was offered for sale prior to the recent Nov. election and it was offered at a considerable discount of only $250,000.00. This time, the stakes are higher and so is the asking price, $10,000,000.

Networkz Consulting Now Offers 6-in-1 SSL Certificate
November 30, 2006
Networkz Consulting, has introduced a new 6-in-1 certificate for assuring Web site security while saving online businesses time and money. Releases Expired Traffic Search
November 30, 2006 has released the first version of an expired traffic search, a feature which has been requested by many of its users.

Premier Generic Domain Name, is For Sale
November 29, 2006
The domain name, originally purchased in 1999 is for sale. is among a select group of domain names in which a user immediately knows what kind of content will be on that web site.

Webby Awards Join With dotMobi to Launch Webby Mobile Awards
November 28, 2006
The Webby Awards today launched The Webby Mobile Awards presented by dotMobi, the first major awards honoring sites designed for mobile devices.

Managed Hosting Provider IndiaLinks Launches New Website
November 27, 2006, a leading Managed Hosting Provider in India & .IN Accredited Domain Registrar, has launched its new website with various new products and completely revamped packages.

Online Auctions Announced for Niche Personals Sites
November 27, 2006 goes on the eBay auction block. Also being auctioned are 55 niche dating domain names.

Domain Name Registrar Cheapville Announces Website Builder for .mobi
November 22, 2006
Domain name registrar Cheapville is now offering the WebSite Tonight site building tool, with which anyone can design and create a .MOBI-compliant Web site easily and affordably.

Free Duplicate Content and Expired Domain Names Tools Offered by Internet Marketing Leader Virante
November 21, 2006
Virante, Incorporated, a Durham, North Carolina-based internet marketing firm, has added 2 unique, high-value Search Engine Optimization Tools to its rapidly growing industry standard selection.

As the Real Estate Market Slows, Agents Use New Technology to Market Their Listings
November 20, 2006
With more real estate professionals turning their attention to online advertising, Properties Online LLC, innovator of the property web site, announced a record year with a growth rate of 600% in 2006.

Domain Name Registrar Nicline Offers Discounted .info Domains
November 17, 2006
Domain name registration company Nicline is now offering .info domain names at a promotional price starting as low as $0.99 per year. There is no limit to the number of .info domain names one can register.

New Tricks Shift Spammers into Overdrive According to SpamStopsHere
November 17, 2006
SpamStopsHere, Inc., the industry leading provider of e-mail security and spam filtering solutions, announces new sophisticated spammer tricks are thwarting spam filters.

Global Domains International Has Been Experiencing Unprecedented Growth in Domain Name Take-Up
November 13, 2006
With the help of Global Domains International, the latest dot-com sensation, anyone can now have an international domain name for their business, sports club, school, church, family news or even themselves from.

Domain Name Registrar Adds to Site Builder Application
November 09, 2006
Domain name registrar and web hosting provider has announced a new utility within its site builder application, WebSite Tonight

Web Host and Domain Registrar Liptak International Offers Certified Domains
November 07, 2006
Web host and domain name registrar Liptak International, Inc. announced that it now offers certified domains. Makes Addition to IP2Location Product Line
November 07, 2006 has released two new databases with connection speed information, DB13 and DB14, and also with Time Zone information, DB11 and DB12, into the IP2Location’s award-winning product series.

Victory Domain's Quick Shopping Cart Now Links with QuickBooks
November 06, 2006 is helping small businesses easily open and manage online stores.

Domain Registrar Stores 4 Domains Releases Assisted Service Plan
November 03, 2006
Web host and domain registrar Stores 4 Domains has expanded the options for its dedicated server customers by offering an Assisted Service Plan – a professional solution without the traditional costs.

Domain Name Registrar Appoints New Chief Executive Officer
November 03, 2006
Leading domain name registrar has appointed Larry Kutscher as Chief Executive Officer.

Dot MOBI Registrations Are Go Daddy Going!
November 02, 2006
Just last week, registered more than 65 percent of .MOBI domain names worldwide and overall has registered more than one-third of those domain names.

McAfee, Inc. Sees Increase in Island-Hopping Spammers
November 02, 2006
McAfee, Inc.'s anti-spam researchers have been tracking a new trend nicknamed "spam island-hopping," in which island-hopping spammers use the domain names of small islands as Web site links in spam campaigns to disguise themselves from spam filters that traditionally catch more well-known domains. Sold In $1.5 Million Deal to
November 02, 2006
In a landmark domain name purchase harking back to the days of the Dot Com Boom, a Florida technology company purchased for $1,500,000 at auction yesterday. Domain Name Now for Sale
November 01, 2006
The domain name is now available for sale. Gary Gil, owner of the domain and founder of Valuestream, Inc., says is ideal for any vitamin or dietary supplement retailer that is looking to expand or establish an online presence.

Leading Domain Name Marketplace Sedo Sells for $500,000 (US)
October 31, 2006
Sedo, "Search Engine for Domain Offers", recently sold the domain name $500,000 (US). The domain was bought by Julius and David Dreyer of Germany.

Moniker Auctions But Purgatory Proves Too Pricey Today
October 30, 2006, the first and only provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, announced the successful sale of 113 premium domain names for more than $4.75 million during its Live Auction conducted today at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. EAST, an industry conference held in Hollywood, FL.

Afilias Releases New IDN Scripts for .INFO Domain
October 26, 2006
Afilias, a global provider of Internet domain name registry services, announced today that it has released support for eight additional Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) language scripts in the .INFO generic top-level domain.

VeriSign Provides ENUM Services for AOL Wireless Messages
October 25, 2006
VeriSign, Inc. announced that AOL will use its ENUM Data Access Service for the delivery of messaging traffic to wireless devices within North America.

MarkMonitor Names Irfan Salim as New President and CEO
October 24, 2006
MarkMonitor(R), the leader in online corporate identity protection, today announced that industry veteran Irfan Salim has been named president and chief executive officer.

Total .VN Domain Name Registration Increases By Nearly 300% from 2005
October 24, 2006
Dot VN, Inc., the authorized global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam, announced that the total number of .vn domain names registered has increased by nearly 300% since October, 2005.

PCNames Domain Search Powered by Web 2.0
October 23, 2006
PCNames Domain Search is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to their recently rebuilt Ajax Lookup. This tool is based on the idea of web 2.0 and checks domain availability as the user types.

Super-Premium Domain Name PUNT.COM to be Auctioned at the Moniker TRAFFIC EAST Domain Auction; Winner to be Gifted PUNT.MOBI
October 23, 2006
Dream Big Media, Inc. announced that the premium domain asset, PUNT.COM, will be available for sale to interested buyers at the Moniker T.R.A.F.F.I.C. EAST domain name auction, taking place at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida on October 27th, 2006.

Domain Name Registrar eNom Adds to Management Team
October 20, 2006
World’s second-largest Internet domain name registrar eNom, Inc. has appointed Taryn Naidu, the former CEO of, as an executive advisor to its management team.

Patents Becoming More Popular Than Ever, Says UN Intellectual Property Agency
October 18, 2006
Some 5.4 million patents were in force in 2004, according to the annual report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), with almost one in two new applications for patents filed under the agency’s own Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Extradius Launches .cc Domain Name Discussion Forum
October 16, 2006
Extradius Inc. announces the official launch of is the only online revenue sharing domain name discussion forum dedicated to the .cc ccTLD.

UWB and Ultrawideband Domain Names for Sale on eBay
October 12, 2006 has announced the auction listings of a select number of its generic UWB Ultrawideband domains.

Web “Real Estate” Skyrockets in Value
October 11, 2006
Moniker today announced it will hold an exciting live auction of quality domain names at 1:30 p.m. ET, Friday, October 27, during T.R.A.F.F.I.C. EAST, an Internet marketing conference taking place at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. Integrates Text Messaging into Web-based Email
October 09, 2006
Domain name registrar announced a new enhancement to its Web-based email product - short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service.

New Domain Management Software Designed to Help Internet Marketers Boost Profits
October 06, 2006
Gungho Technologies, LLC announces the release of Domain Dashboard, a new multiple domain management software program that allows users to effortlessly manage all of their websites, while keeping track of everything.

David's Domains Now Supports Sites Built with Ruby on Rails™
October 06, 2006
Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which lets developers easily assemble rich and dynamic Web sites.

Go Daddy Supports Extension of ICANN Oversight
October 04, 2006
Go Daddy® Founder & CEO Bob Parsons applauded the U.S. Commerce Department for extending its oversight of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN®), the organization responsible for governance of the Internet.

BRS Media Announces iDotz.Net to offer .IM Domain Names via DotzIM
October 04, 2006
BRS Media, an e-commerce firm that specializes in assisting Internet companies build and brand on the power of the Web, announced today the addition of .IM domain names to iDotz.Net, a full service multi-domain registrar service. Launches Online Website Marketplace Portal
October 02, 2006, an Amarillo, TX-based online website marketplace portal is now open for business.

Craig Snyder Joins Internet REIT as New COO
October 02, 2006
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leader in direct search and Internet advertising, announced that Craig Snyder has joined the company as its new chief operating officer.

Moniker.Com Expands Domain Name Offering with .mobi
September 29, 2006, the first and only provider of Domain Asset Management™, today announced the launch of the .mobi "Land Rush" with thousands of successful reservations for its clients.

Providing Internet Services an Instant Wealth Builder
September 29, 2006
Mosnar Communications, Inc. a global marketing and public relations firm announced today that they have launched a reseller program that will allow individuals and businesses to resell Internet related services under their own names.

Polish Domain Name Registar Domeny Offers Companies To Regain .eu Domains
September 28, 2006
Polish domain name registar Domeny announced on Tuesday that it now offers ADR proceedings to organisations which were unable to register .eu domains.

pcNames Domain Search Rebuilds All Tools
September 26, 2006
The search engine allows users to view all domains which are available, deleted, expired, or pre-release containing a word and optionally search through them with up to 8 keywords.

VeriSign Launches Digital Brand Management Portal to Help Companies Protect Online Brand and Customer Experience
September 19, 2006
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, launched Digital Brand Manager 8.1, a Web-based portal that helps companies identify, prioritize and resolve issues that affect their digital brand and reputation globally.

Free Web hosting & Domain Name for One Year with Web Site Development Purchase
September 12, 2006
AKBrothers, an Atlanta based web development and hosting company has announced that they will provide their new clients with free web hosting and a free domain name for 1 year.

FCm Travel Solutions to Adopt .Travel Domain
September 08, 2006
Corporate travel and expense management specialist FCm Travel Solutions is set to be the first major corporate travel company in New Zealand to adopt the new .travel domain.

.travel Expands Global Executive Team
September 07, 2006
Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, announces the expansion of their global business presence in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf States and Africa with the addition of high-profile industry leaders Daniela Wagner and Dr. Tanya Abrahamse to their executive team.

Internet REIT Adds Veteran CFO Adam Chibib to Executive Team
September 07, 2006
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leader in direct search and Internet advertising, today announced that Adam Chibib has joined the company as its new chief financial officer. Offers Free Websites to Domain Name Customers
September 05, 2006
Leading Canadian domain name registrar, accredited by both ICANN and EURid, has started offering free two-page websites to customers purchasing domain names from

CMATHER.COM Expands into Web Hosting Design and Domain Names
September 01, 2006
Chris Mather - Group Operations Manager, officially opened CM-Web Hosting Services in the USA, UK and Australia, in particular Melbourne and Bendigo (Victoria). Boosts Domain Name Search Capabilities
September 01, 2006
Domain name reseller announces several new site features.

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with ccTLD Managers for Peru and Hungary
September 01, 2006
ICANN announced on Wednesday that it has signed an accountability framework with the country code top level domain (ccTLD) manager for .pe - Peru, Red Científica Peruana.

Ozarks Domain Station Offers Low-cost Web Hosting and Domain Names
August 31, 2006
Web hosting and domain name provider Ozarks Domain Station announces an Internet service to the needs of people seeking to get themselves onto the web while keeping dollar and effort costs down.

New Domain Name Search Tool Launched
August 29, 2006
Acceli Web Solutions, a New York web development company, announced the launch of its next generation domain name suggestion tool and search engine at

Domain Name Registrar Dotster Names Nicole Miller 'The Official Fashion Designer' for the Dotster Dots
August 29, 2006
Domain name registrar Dotster, Inc. announced that Nicole Miller, one of America's design elite, has been selected as "The Official Fashion Designer" for the Dotster Dots.

Hostway Offers Free .mobi Compliant Web Site Builder
August 29, 2006
Leading Web hosting and online services provider Hostway Corporation has extended the Trademark Sunrise period until September 22nd for the .mobi domain name.

Domain Name Registrar Adds to Online Identity Protection with New 6-in-1 SSL Certificate
August 28, 2006
Domain name registrar has released its 6-in-1 SSL Certificate offering a new level of simple, cost-effective security service.

New Domain Name Brokerages Use Creative, Cutting Edge Programming
August 28, 2006
Creative programming is making a big difference in two new domain name brokerage sites developed by a couple of Oregonians.

AITDomains Pre-Registers .MOBI Domains
August 24, 2006
AITDomains has started pre-registering businesses for the soon-to-be-ready dot-MOBI extension, the first top-level domain dedicated to mobile devices.

The United States Still Dominates the Internet, Ipwalk Reports
August 24, 2006
In a recent report, Internet research company Ipwalk announced that two-thirds of all domain names are hosted in the United States.

Leading Backordering Company,, Offers Free Pre-Orders for .mobi Domain Registrations
August 23, 2006, a leader in domain name acquisition and secondary market sales, today announced that it is taking orders for the upcoming .mobi Land Rush.

Acquisition of by Tupela
August 22, 2006
The acquisition of further expands Tupela's presence in the travel blogging market, where it has been active since May 2004 with it's flagship site, Travellerspoint.

Domain Name Registrar Dotster Launches 'Search for the Dotster Dots' Campaign
August 21, 2006
Domain name registrar Dotster Inc. is launching its nationwide Search for the Dotster Dots. The Dotster Dots, female company ambassadors, will travel the US to high-profile shows and events promoting Dotster's 'MyInternet' website services.

Demand Media Buys Hillclimb Media
August 21, 2006
Demand Media, the next-generation web media company, today announced the acquisition of privately-held Hillclimb Media, which hosts sector-leading sites in travel, sports, and the outdoors, including and

Domain Name Registrar Offers CashParking
August 18, 2006
Domain name registrar offers CashParking, a simple and flexible way for customers to gain revenue from their parked domain names.

Domain Registrar Dotster Offers VPS Service
August 17, 2006
Domain registrar and Web hosting provider Dotster, Inc. has launched three Linux based VPS plans ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB of disk space, 500 GB to 2,500 GB of bandwidth, and 1, 2, or 8 dedicated IP addresses.

dotMobi Announces Premium Name Application Process for Trademark Holders
August 15, 2006
dotMobi, the company behind the first and only Internet address created for mobile phones, today announced that qualified trademark owners may apply for .mobi Premium Names starting September 15, 2006.

Afternic Domain Name Exchange Launches New, Streamlined Website
August 14, 2006
Leading domain-name exchange Afternic has launched a new, more streamlined website that offers several additional features.

Vietnam's ccTLD, .VN, Opens to the World
August 14, 2006
For years the Vietnam registry only offered second level domains under ",, …", but now on Tuesday the 15th August the top level domain .VN domain opens to the world.

Web Host and Domain Registrar Private Domain Depot Deploys TippingPoint Systems to Protect Dedicated and Vitrual Dedicated Hosting
August 11, 2006
Web hosting provider and domain name registrar Private Domain Depot has added TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention systems to all dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting servers at no additional cost to their customers. Launches Quick Podcast with Easy-To-Use Management & Promotion Tools
August 11, 2006
Expert and novice podcasters alike can benefit from a new Quick Podcast service, enabling users to easily publish and manage their shows.

AOL To Offer Personalized Email Domains For Free To All Web Users
August 10, 2006
AOL announces that, starting in September, it will make personalized email domains available for free to all Web users. AOL is the first company to offer this service, which will be called AOL(r) My eAddress, at no charge.

Domain Name Registrar Instra Corporation Releases ASIA Registry
August 10, 2006
Leading domain name and ENUM registrar Instra Corporation has released the Asia Registry, a specialized domain name registration service covering Asia Pacific ccTLD's.

iREIT Completes 34 Domain Name Portfolio Acquisitions in Q2
August 09, 2006
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leading supplier of high-value Internet traffic to advertisers, has completed 34 portfolio acquisitions, accounting for more than $11.5 million in new domain acquisitions.

Kanoodle Buys, Rebrands as Seevast
August 09, 2006
Kanoodle announced that Seevast will be a parent company overseeing three distinct operating companies and will be managed by seasoned industry professionals to provide the latest Web-based marketing services for its clients.

OpenDNS Answers over 1 Billion Questions in First Month
August 09, 2006
OpenDNS, launched in July 2006, announced that it has answered over 1 billion requests for its domain name lookup services.

Acme Media LLC Expands Domain Portfolio
August 08, 2006
Acme Media LLC, the innovative and pioneering enterprise that is a market leader in Internet domain acquisitions, announced the purchase of

Web Hosting Provider Hostway Offers Discount on .Info Domains
August 07, 2006
Web hosting provider Hostway has reduced the prices of first year new registration of .info domain names. Now registering a .info domain name costs £1.49 for 1 year.

C I Host Awarded SAS 70 Type II Certification
August 07, 2006
Following a rigorous audit, C I Host has been awarded the SAS 70 Type II certification, an assurance to the public that C I Host's documentation is accurate and truly represents the performance and status of the company.

MarkMonitor and Sports Marketing Surveys Team to Protect 2006 World Cup and Olympic Winter Games Brands Online
August 07, 2006
MarkMonitor announced an alliance with London-based Sports Marketing Surveys through which the two companies teamed to protect sponsors' brands online for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Winter Games events in 2006. Upgrades Key Hosting Plans
August 03, 2006, a world leader in domain name registration and Web site hosting services, has doubled storage and data transfer features for Deluxe and Premium shared hosting accounts while maintaining the same low prices.

Web Hosting and Domain Provider Private Domain Depot .com Offers Online Identity Protection for Only $1.95
August 03, 2006
Web hosting and domain provider Private Domain Depot .com is promoting Online Identity Protection by offering Private Domain Registration for only $1.95 each.

Go Daddy's Domain Portfolio - More Than Twice the Size of Nearest Competitor
August 01, 2006
The Go Daddy Group, Inc., parent company of, announced today that the combined domain portfolio for its three ICANN-accredited registrars has doubled that of any of its nearest competitors.

ICANN Proposes .BIZ, .INFO AND .ORG gTLD Registry Agreements
July 31, 2006
On 27 June 2006, ICANN posted for public information proposed new registry agreements for the operation of each of the .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG registries.

The .travel Registry Announces Redesigned Corporate Website
July 28, 2006
Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, has launched their redesigned corporate website, where travel and tourism businesses can find all the information they need to acquire .travel domain names quickly and effortlessly.

ICANN to Implement the Process for Review of gTLD Registry Services
July 27, 2006
ICANN announced on Tuesday the implementation of the Process for review of gTLD Registry Services and adoption of the Registry Services Evaluation Process.

eNom Buys BulkRegister, Becomes World's Second Largest Domain Name Registration Company
July 26, 2006
Domain name registrar eNom, Inc. has completed the acquisition of the business and operations of BulkRegister LLC.

The .travel Registry Appoints New CEO
July 26, 2006
Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, has announced the appointment of Edward A. Cespedes as Chief Executive Officer.

Domain Name Registrar DomainRightNow Offers Enhanced Website Builder
July 26, 2006
Domain name registrar and web hosting provider DomainRightNow announced the availability of a new utility within its website builder application, WebSite Tonight®, which gives anyone the ability to automatically and instantaneously add fresh and attractive content to their site through RSS feeds.

EURid Suspends 74,000 Domain Names
July 25, 2006
The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) has suspended more than 74,000 .eu domains.

Internet Finance International Acquires New Domain Name Verticals
July 24, 2006
Internet Finance International Corporation recently acquired a portfolio of approximately 300 domain names across two major verticals – business and travel with the Company’s portfolio estimated at 1400 domain names and climbing.

The Internet Continues To Grow At An Astonishing Rate, Says Internet Security Systems
July 21, 2006
Internet Security Systems announced in its Annual Web Growth Analysis that the number of newly registered internet-domains has increased by over 21 per cent over the last 12 months, while the number of new web pages has grown by over 17 per cent. to Host the Stephen Passy Auction Through
July 20, 2006 has announced that it will host the Stephen Passy "Asphalt, Crushing, and Construction Equipment, Trucks & Trailers" auction through its subsidiary

Great Real Estate And Mortgage Domain Names Still Exist, Expert Claims
July 19, 2006
Great and memorable real estate domain names are still available accdording to Scott Alliy owner of over 500 domain names and creator.

Domain Name Buying Tips from
July 18, 2006
Scott Alliy, an Internet Marketing Veteran and owner of over 500 websites including and has unvelied a list of domain name buying tips. Chooses NeuStar's Ultra(TM) Internal DNS Service
July 18, 2006
NeuStar, Inc. announced that, a division of Forbes, Inc., has selected its Ultra Internal Domain Name Systems (DNS) service to improve the functionality, security and manageability of the internal network.

CanIt-Domain-PRO 1.0 Anti-spam Solution Launched
July 17, 2006
Roaring Penguin Software Inc. have released CanIt-Domain-PRO to provide Web hosting companies, ISPs, universities and government departments a way to manage multiple anti-spam networks.

UAEnic announces domain name registration for 50 years
July 13, 2006
UAEnic (United Arab Emirates Network Information Centre ) recently announced the launch of a very long term registration of 50 years for Domain name under .ae.

TravelScoop Appointed as Google 'GMail for Domains'
July 12, 2006
Travelscoop - the new player in New Zealand's travel market - has been invited by Google to beta the new 'Gmail for Domains service'.

Web Hosting Company Website Source Adds Unlimited Domains To Hosting Plans
July 11, 2006
Web hosting company Website Source, Inc., has added unlimited domains to its shared hosting plans. In addition, reseller plan domain limits have been increased from 200 to 1000 domains.

dotMobi Announces Extension of Trademark Registration
July 10, 2006
dotMobi, the first and only Internet address created for mobile phones, today announced it is extending the Trademark Sunrise Registration period to September 22.

Cyberspace Real Estate Becomes The Leading Preference in Diversified Investment Portfolio Strategies
July 10, 2006 is the home where the brand new USA State domain names are currently offered for sale.

Web Hosting Provider Launches Domain Name Reseller Program
July 07, 2006
Web hosting provider and domain name registrar, inc. has officially launched a domain reseller program. Web Hosting Forums to Unveil Results From .EU Domain Name Survey
July 07, 2006
The European web hosting forums Web have unveiled a survey on .EU domain extensions.

Domain Name Registrar 4Domains, Inc., Launches New Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Offering
July 07, 2006
Web hosting provider and domain name registrar 4Domains, Inc. has launched new Virtual Private Servers (VPS) products on Linux and Windows.

NASK and ICANN Move Forward on Automated DNS Root Zone Management Software Development
July 06, 2006
NASK, the registry of Internet names under the .PL domain, and ICANN have reached an agreement on the licensing of the NASK-developed "e-IANA" root zone management software.

Web Hosting Firm BG Hosts Offers Supported Hosting and Easy Web Site Creation
July 06, 2006
Web hosting provider and domain name registrar BG Hosts has released a range of hosting packages directed at the British X-Pat community across Europe and Bulgaria. Creates Domain Names for Seven Hot Metro Real Estate Markets
July 05, 2006 has created web domains exclusively devoted to Boston, Washington, D.C., Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle as well as hundreds of other cities.

New 'St' Domain Extensions Offer Entrepreneurs Lucrative Options for Websites
July 05, 2006
The domain name ‘” has been made into a fully operating website so that entrepreneurs can see the value immediately of owning a site associated with an entire state.

Eiledon Releases New Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration Services
July 04, 2006
Eiledon Solutions, a website development and web design company, announced it will provide web hosting services in addition to its traditional offers.

UK ccTLD Manager Nominet Teams Up with ICANN
July 04, 2006
ICANN has signed an exchange of letters with Nominet, the United Kingdom country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) manager.

United States Of America 28 State Domain Names Are For Sale
July 03, 2006
Taking a new approach, has gone the extra mile in the sale of “St domain name extensions.

Small Investors Get Rich Overnight Buying Domain Names... Like ""
June 30, 2006 features lucrative domain names and a full buisness plan for anyone who buys a state domain name

Domain Name Registrar Introduces 6-in-1 SSL Certificate
June 30, 2006
Domain name registrar has created a new 6-in-1 certificate for assuring Web site security while saving online businesses time and money.

Local Search and Direct Navigation Creates Boom for Localized Domain Names
June 28, 2006
Typed-In, Inc. a domain portfolio company, is way ahead of the pack with its unique strategy of having amassed one of the largest portfolios of geo-targeted and keyword-specific domain names within multiple verticals in most major U.S. cities.'s Web-based Email Delivers Desktop Power, Anywhere Convenience
June 27, 2006, offering affordable, full service web hosting packages, has announced the launch of Web-Based Email 4.0, combining the benefits of a desktop email program with the convenience of a Web-based platform.

Englishman Finds Gold in the United States
June 26, 2006
As internet marketing and advertising revenue explodes Bill Roy, an English domainer, predicts the evolution of what are called ‘ccTLD’s (country code Top Level Domains).

Thawte, Inc. Wins Another 15 New Partners for its Global Partner Program
June 26, 2006
Trusted services and innovative products have won Thawte, Inc., one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide, another 15 new partners that will offer Thawte products and services to their customers.

SpeedFox Launches Web Hosting Plans with Unlimited Domains
June 26, 2006
Texas-based web hosting company SpeedFox is launching new hosting plans that will allow webmasters to host unlimited domains for $4.95 a month.

Reasons To Buy And Sell Domain Names And How To Get Started
June 23, 2006, a domain portfolio and services company has published an exhaustive "Why buy domains" list of reasons to invest in domain names.

Research Determines Sender ID Ineffective Against Spam
June 20, 2006
Research conducted by OnlyMyEmail, Inc. during the last 60 days clearly reveals that emails sent by a domain without a published SPF record are actually slightly less likely to be spam than those sent by domains that publish Sender ID information in their DNS records; opposite to the promoted value of Sender ID.

Texas.St and 27 Other State Domain Names Launched for Sale
June 20, 2006
Texas.St and 27 other State domains have been put up for auction in what is to surely prove one of this year’s biggest internet domain sales.

Tomorrow's Cyberspace Real Estate... State Domains
June 15, 2006
New Domain Names can make overnight millionaires in Cyberspace. www.Texas.St and 27 other State Domains are up for grabs in a live auction sponsored by

Stealth Communications Launches the VPF SRV Registry
June 15, 2006
Stealth Communications, Inc., the owner and operator of the Voice Peering Fabric (VPF), announced the launch of the VPF SRV Registry, a database to enable enterprises and service providers worldwide to initiate VoIP telephone calls using e-mail addresses as identifiers. Approves Global Service Specification, Opens i-name Registry
June 14, 2006, a public trust organization that serves as the governing body for development of standards for the "i-name" digital address, announces that it has approved the Global Service Specification governing how i-names are to be sold and supported, paving the way for the opening of the i-names Global Registry Service ("GRS") on June 20, 2006.

Domain Registrar, 4DOMAINS, INC., Completes the Integration of 4 Acquisitions
June 14, 2006
4Domains, Inc. announced today that they have completed the backend integration of their four hosting acquisitions of last year -,,, and

iREIT Turns Domains Into Destinations With Associated Content
June 13, 2006
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leading supplier of high-value Internet traffic to advertisers, announced that it has partnered with Associated Content to provide relevant, high-quality, original content to Internet users across multiple iREIT sites.

Texas State For Sale For 1/2 Million Dollars
June 13, 2006
New 'St' Domain Name Extensions allows for gaining of control for the Great State of Texas. www.Texas.St and 27 other State Domains are up for grabs in a live auction sponsored by

600 Blog Portal Domain Names on Sale on eBay
June 13, 2006
The world’s largest and most comprehensive blog portal domain name portfolio is being offered on more than 350 auctions currently underway on eBay.

e-Harmony to Enhance Online Experience With NeuStar's Ultra(TM) DNS Service
June 13, 2006
NeuStar, Inc., a leading provider of essential communications services, announced that eHarmony, has selected NeuStar's Ultra Domain Name Systems (DNS) service to deliver enhanced web site performance.

NameMedia Creates World's Biggest Portfolio of Domain Names
June 12, 2006
NameMedia, the largest buyer and seller of premium domain names, announced its new Direct Search platform to give online advertisers access to its rapidly growing network of search destinations that already reach more than 25 million consumers monthly.

Texas "ST": Own cyberspace Real Estate
June 08, 2006
The recent release of the ‘st’ domain extensions makes Texas.St. one of the most desirable properties for sale in cyber real estate. The ‘st’ domain extensions is one of the newest of domain extensions accepted world wide.

Free Website for All Babies Born During the World Cup
June 06, 2006
New parents have the opportunity to register for their own free "" during the World Cup, thanks to a fantastic offer from web hosting company 123-reg. Sold for $1.6 Million
June 06, 2006
In one of the highest-priced domain sales of the year and one of the most expensive domain name transactions of all time, has just been purchased for $1.6 million.

Launching Your Next Website
June 06, 2006 offers a complimentary reference portal displaying directory listed domain names about to expire.

Premier Domain Names and Intellectual Property Available for Purchase
May 31, 2006
JCO Group, Inc. announces they have been retained by Creative Marketing Associates, Inc. the owner of and 1-800-GIFT CARD® to identify a buyer of its comprehensive gift card assets. Announces Readiness for .eu Land Rush 2
May 31, 2006, an ICANN, CIRA and EURid accredited domain registrar has announced its readiness for Land Rush 2 .eu domain registrations.

Host Department Launch .INFO Domain Promo
May 31, 2006
Host Department, a leading web hosting and domain name registration provider, has announced that they are promoting discount for .info domain.

Texas State For Sale! New Domain Extension ‘st’ Puts ‘Texas’ Up For Grabs
May 30, 2006
The recent release of the ‘st’ domain extensions makes Texas.St. one of the most desirable properties for sale in cyber real estate.

Brand New Domain Names Released - Internet Users Finally Benefit
May 29, 2006
The interest shown in the new customized domain names market just keeps on growing. With options ranging from .AMAZING to .ZEN and beyond, you can create the image you want, instead of leaving to others.

Sun Microsystems and Nominum Boost New IP-Services for Canada's Leading Communications Provider
May 29, 2006
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Nominum, the leading provider of network naming and addressing solutions, today announced that Bell Canada has selected a joint Sun-Nominum solution to build a powerful next-generation services infrastructure.

'St' Domain Names Now Available at
May 29, 2006
New 'St' Domain Names available to the public through The new domain name extensions offer great opportunity for Entrepreneurs to Cash in on cyber Real Estate.

Easyspace launch Whois Privacy Service
May 26, 2006
Easyspace have furthered their commitment to promoting privacy and security on the web by launching the Easyspace Whois Privacy service.

Small Business Informer Comes to the Aid of Enterpreneurs
May 26, 2006
DevStart Inc. launched a new website, providing a wealth of information for start-ups and owners of small and medium enterprises (SME). Selected to Feature Coveted 'St' or “State” Domain Names: For Sale Now to the General Public
May 25, 2006 has been selected to launch the 'st' domain on a live auction to be held for the release of “.st” or State Domains.

Domain Name One Auctions and Domains
May 25, 2006
Domain Name One, a domain reselling company, is offering two of the most rare and valuable keyword names, and for sale on

DomainRightNow Releases New Web-Based Email Application
May 24, 2006
DomainRightNow, one of the fastest growing domain registrars and hosting providers, announces the release of Web-Based Email 4.0, coupling the benefits of a desktop email program with the convenience of a Web-based platform.

Three of the World's Most Valuable Domain Names Up for International Auction!
May 24, 2006
Three of the World's Most valuable domain names are up for International Auction! E85, E10 also known as "Ethanol" or "Flex Fuel" are changing the way the world travels. I think the free world is ready to accept this fact and become a competitor in the fuel oil business.

BRS Media's dotFM Ranked as One of the Top 50 Domain Registration Sites
May 24, 2006
BRS Media's dotFM®, the exclusive worldwide registry for Web addresses ending in .FM, announced today that the May 2006 issue of Website Services Magazine has listed dotFM ( as one of the Top 50 Domain Registration sites on the web. Sets New Standards for Online Content Networks
May 22, 2006
The UK-based All Info About network is paving the way for new standards in the Web content world, by being the first major network to offer Correspondents their own unique domain name where they can build their site for free.

Major Acquisitions Establish Internet REIT as a New Force in Online Advertising
May 19, 2006
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leading supplier of high-value Internet traffic to advertisers, today announced its acquisition of the web portal and major portions of the Netster domain name portfolio.

Merit Media to Sell Million-Dollar "Domain Name" Portfolio
May 19, 2006
Merit Media of Sunnyvale, California, today announced the upcoming sale of two valuable, primary, world-class domain names: The National Republican Chamber of Commerce (dot-com) and The National Democratic Chamber of Commerce (dot-com).

pcNames Discovers New Market of Expired Domains
May 18, 2006 has developed a new search for pre-release domains. These particular domains are available prior to the expired process. This market is virtually unknown and untouched.

Speculators Pile into Brand New Domain Names
May 17, 2006
dotWORLDS registrars ( reports a sudden and massive uptake and now believes that this new surge can only be speculator led.

Greenpeace Accused of "Passing Off"
May 17, 2006
Greenpeace has now been accused of "passing off" the recently established website of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

Profit-Making Domain Name Up for Grabs: The Baddest Dude Feature of One Day Auction Set for May 22, 2006
May 17, 2006
One Day Live Auction for "The Baddest Dude" Domain Name set for May 22, 2006. Auction hosted by, a company best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD's (Top Level Domains).

Domain Name Sale of Creates Bidding War; News Related to the Weight Loss Industry
May 16, 2006
Established weight loss website has just been listed for sale by Ian Mason, a 20 year old Internet entrepreneur.

Website Tonight Now Offers Dynamic Content
May 15, 2006
GraniteWave Domains “Internet at the Speed of LIFE!, announces a new utility within its site builder application, WebSite Tonight®, which gives anyone the ability to automatically and instantaneously add fresh and attractive content to their site through RSS feeds.

Internet Regulator Unanimously Approves Innovative .Tel Domain
May 15, 2006
ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) unanimously approved the creation of the new .Tel Top Level Domain (TLD) and awarded the contract to Telnic Limited.

Go Daddy Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering
May 15, 2006
The Go Daddy Group, Inc. today announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission relating to the proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock.

Great Domain Name Jump Starts Business: TheBaddestDude.Com Features One Day Auction Set for May 22, 2006
May 12, 2006
One Day Live Auction for "The Baddest Dude" Domain Name set for May 22, 2006. Auction hosted by, a company best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD's (Top Level Domains). Domain Name Is Up for Sale on
May 11, 2006
The four letter domain name, is now for sale on Leads SSL Growth Worldwide
May 11, 2006®, the No. 1 registrar of domain names worldwide, today announced industry-leading growth in sites secured by their SSL Certificates.

MarkMonitor Secures US$12 Million in Financing; Names New Board Member
May 11, 2006
MarkMonitor(R), the leader in online corporate identity protection, today announced it has closed US$12 million in venture capital investment led by Cargill Ventures.

Media Blitz Asks the Question: Who is 'The Baddest Dude' and Does He Have Money? One Day Auction Set For May 22, 2006
May 10, 2006
Premium Domain Names are available in the Exclusive Showcase section at their website for release to the general public on a "Name Your Own Price" basis- allowing smaller investors the opportunity to compete for top level domain names.

LogiConn Networks Launches – A Full Solution for Completely Personalized Email
May 10, 2006
LogiConn Networks has announced the launch of an innovative service that will allow both companies and individuals to create completely personalized email addresses.

PointRoll and Join Forces to Speed Rich Media Technology Adoption Through PointRoll's Included Program
May 09, 2006
PointRoll, Inc. announced today that it has joined forces with, the leading lifestyle and social networking portal, through PointRoll's Included Program.

DomainRightNow to Support Web Sites Built with Ruby on Rails™
May 09, 2006
DomainRightNow, one of the fastest growing domain registrars and hosting providers, announced today that it now supports Web sites created using “Ruby on Rails”.

OnlyMyEmail's Spam Statistics for April 2006
May 09, 2006
OnlyMyEmail, Inc. has released their SpamStats summary of Spam activity for April 2006.

Habeas Unveils the Industry's Largest Email Reputation Database With SenderIndex
May 09, 2006
Habeas Inc. ( today announced it has created SenderIndex, an email reputation database of more than 60 million IP addresses and domains.

Blog Spot Network Launches Premier Domain Name Auction Today
May 09, 2006
Domain Name Blog Spot™ has launched their Domain Name Auction set to serve the exploding demand for high quality domain names.

Ask Not What a “.COM” Can Do For You - Ask What You Can Do With a “.USA”
May 08, 2006
dotWORLDS Ltd, specializing in domain names, has launched its "Create Your Own" domain name system. Internet users can now break free from the unwieldy .com/net/org restrictions to register names that truly reflect their websites and content.

SEX.NET sold for $450,000. Largest .net sale ever reported!
May 08, 2006
The largest live Internet domain name auction ever held produced nearly $2.1 million in sales in just 3 hours Thursday, May 4 in the main event at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST Conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some of the Most Sought After Domain Names Just Got a Lot Less Expensive
May 08, 2006 is changing the face of the Internet domain market by offering some of the most desirable domain names the Web has to offer at rock-bottom prices that have to be seen to be believed.

European institutions’ new Web identity to celebrate Europe Day, 9 May
May 05, 2006
The European institutions’ sites will start operating under the “.eu” top level domain on 9 May 2006, Europe Day. Goes Offline
May 05, 2006
According to a report of the Internet services company Netcraft ( on Thursday, the domains and have been taken offline.

New Domain Name for Established Work-at-Home Business Says It All:
May 04, 2006 went online this week and offers straight forward guidance on how to increase your cash flow through proven methods.

Authentication Adoption Gains Momentum at Email Authentication Summit II
May 03, 2006
The Email Authentication Summit II, held April 19 in Chicago, was a great success as industry leaders provided insight into the real-world deployment and the business value of authentication to a sold out crowd of over 500.

BulkRegister Gives Sneak Peek at The Next Level of Domain Management
May 03, 2006
BulkRegister announced a special sneak preview of its groundbreaking automated domain management tool, "Magic Folders," exclusively for the invitation-only attendees of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST 2006 currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. CEO & Founder Inspires Yale's Future Entrepreneurs
May 02, 2006 CEO and founder Bob Parsons inspired a crowd of future entrepreneurs Saturday at Yale University as the keynote speaker for the Yale Entrepreneurial Society's Innovation Summit.

Pets Warehouse Files Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit Against Tucows
April 28, 2006
Robert Novak d/b/a filed a New York against Tucows Inc. and Opensrs, alleging that Tucows gave away his domain name without his permission in May of 2003.

Internet Domain Names May be as Ubiqutous as Social Security Numbers One Day Says Dotster
April 27, 2006
Today there over 70 million registered Internet domain names across the globe, according to Dotster, Inc., a leading provider of Internet domain name and hosting services.

SurfControl Alerts Customers to Malicious Email
April 27, 2006
SurfControl plc, today alerts customers that its Threat Analysts have identified a malicious email targeting Brazilians that claims to be from the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, which is the highest body of the Brazilian Electoral Court. of Boulder, Colorado for Sale
April 26, 2006
The Pearl Street Mall is a premiere tourist attraction in the city of Boulder, Colorado and now prime cyberspace real estate and the feature of a live auction for the ownership of the domain name

Educators Rate MarcoPolo 'Best Site' for Free Lessons and Materials
April 26, 2006
MarcoPolo has been rated the top free Web site for downloading educational material to use in the classroom, according to a survey conducted by Edutopia Magazine. to Support Web Sites Built With Ruby on Rails
April 25, 2006, the No. 1 registrar of domain names worldwide and the world's largest Web host in terms of hostnames, now supports Web sites created using Ruby on Rails. Boasts Succesful .eu Launch
April 25, 2006, a leading Canadian registrar and hosting company announced that on .eu launch day, April 7th and following days, it registered over 3000 .eu domain names for customers.

NamesBeyond Launches dotMobi Registrations for Mobile Industry Members and Trademark Holders
April 25, 2006
NamesBeyond, the leader in sponsored top level domain names, today opened registrations in the dotMobi domain to trademark holders and mobile industry association members.'s Domain Name Aftermarket(TM) Leading Auction Site
April 21, 2006
More domain names are being bought and sold through's Domain Name Aftermarket than any other auction site, according to Zetetic, an independent research and appraisal services firm., LLC Joins the Private Label Reseller Program
April 19, 2006, the leading provider of email hosting services to more than 18,000 small and geographically dispersed businesses, has officially welcomed, LLC into its Private Label Reseller Program.

New European .eu Top Level Domain Name Outgrows .biz
April 14, 2006
Internet research firm Ipwalk published a report, according to which the new European TLD .eu managed to outgrow the already well-established gTLD .biz.

China starts .mobi domain name registration
April 13, 2006
Beijing Xin Wang Hu Lian ( Technologies Ltd., a leading mobile Internet provider in China, announced its launch of the .mobi (dot mobi) domain name registration service.

Stay On Top of the Domain Name Game: It Pays Off Big - Revolutionary New Website 'LoveTheName.Com' Just Made It Easier
April 13, 2006
Making it possible for small and large businesses to jump start and stay current with their marketplace by having the right name for their site is one of the reasons LovetheName.Com was launched.

Google enters China with a new name
April 13, 2006
Google has complied with China's censorship rules to fulfill its "mission to serve all the people in the world," the company's chief executive officer has said.

Web Hosting Provider Timehost Offers Free Domain
April 12, 2006
Web hosting provider Timehost Webhosting ( announced on Tuesday that it is providing customers with a free domain name (.com, .net, or .org) and a 256 Bit SSL certificate valued at $45 when they purchase a one year Linux merchant plan.

MarkMonitor to Provide Global Online Brand Protection to BBC Technology Direction
April 12, 2006
MarkMonitor(R), the leader in online corporate identity protection, today announced that BBC Technology Direction, has selected MarkMonitor following an EU Procurement Process to provide online brand protection to over 4,000 Internet domains.

Domain Registrar, BulkRegister, Offers New Tools
April 12, 2006
BulkRegister today announced that it has developed and released new products over the past six months to help domainers more easily manage and protect their portfolios.

300,000 Register New ".eu" Domain Names During First Hour
April 07, 2006
Some 300,000 Europeans rushed to register their new ".eu" Internet domain names in the first hour of being able to sign up to the new Web site addresses, European Union officials said Friday.

Free Pre-Registration for .EU Domain Names from
March 29, 2006, a leading Canadian registrar and hosting company has reinstated it's commitment of being Canada's number one registrar by offering .eu domain registrations.

Congressman Requests Oversight Hearing to Investigate VeriSign vs. ICANN Settlement
March 24, 2006
Noting that the Department of Commerce has given little evidence of ICANN oversight with regards to the VeriSign vs. ICANN settlement, Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) on Friday called on the House Judiciary Committee to formally investigate the settlement and its anti business, anti consumer, and anti competitive implications.

auDA Seeks Public’s Opinion on Domain Monetisation
March 23, 2006
.au Domain Administration (auDA), the .au domain name administrator, today announced the release of an issues paper that asks for public comment on whether or not domain monetisation should be included within the meaning of auDA’s "close and substantial connection" rule. to Migrate Entire 4.5 Million Hostname Portfolio Onto Microsoft Solution for Windows-Based Hosting
March 21, 2006
Go Daddy to transition all its parked domains from Linux to Microsoft.

Coalition for ICANN Transparency Amends ICANN Complaint
March 20, 2006
The Coalition for ICANN Transparency ( announced this week that it has filed an amended complaint in the US District Court in San Jose.

Sun Microsystems and Nominum Boost the Performance and Resiliency of IP-Services
March 20, 2006
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Nominum, the leading provider of network naming and addressing solutions, today announced an agreement to deliver Nominum's industry-leading Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) software to wireline, wireless and cable operators around the world.

DomainsBot Releases Free Solutions for Domains
March 16, 2006
DomainsBot, a provider of domain name information, recently launched four new offerings, including other domain name tools and popularity trends reports.

Domain Name Liquidator,, Offers Special Domain Sale
March 16, 2006
A special domain name liquidation sale has been announced by domain name liquidator

Domain Registrar and Web Host Petitions Government In ICANN Controversy
March 13, 2006
Domain registrar company is petitioning the U.S. Department of Commerce to deny final approval of the controversial .COM Registry Agreement with VeriSign.

Domain Registrar Dotster Offers Discount .info Domains
March 10, 2006
Domain registration company Dotster is now offering discounted .info domain names and also Thawte Digital Security Certificates for $34.95 per year.

Domain Broker Re-Launches With Traffic Domain Lists
March 10, 2006
Domain consulting and brokering service company has re-launched as a site dedicated to traffic domains.

CGI Directory Reborn!
March 09, 2006
Hot on the heels of the redesigned JavaScript Search comes yet another Extreme Website Makeover: the all-new CGI Directory! Introduces New Service to Provide Anonymity to Users Seeking to Protect Personal Information
March 06, 2006, Inc., a leading provider of global domain name registration and Web business services, today introduced its latest Web service offering, known as r.Protect(TM), designed to safeguard users from revealing their private information online.

Real Estate Domain Name Portfolio Offered for Sale
March 03, 2006
A domain name portfolio of 240 domain names that are town specific serving the hottest real estate markets in the nation including Arizona, Florida and Nevada are being offered for sales by Lead Lease.

Web Hosting Giant 1&1 Internet Offering Free .info Domains
March 02, 2006
Web users seeking to get that ideal domain name but frustrated by the lack of available .com extensions now have a new, free alternative. For a limited time, 1&1 Internet is offering .info domains at no charge for one year.

BulkRegister Responds to ICANN-VeriSign Settlement Approval
March 01, 2006
"We implore Congress to reject the ICANN-VeriSign settlement outright. Domain prices for consumers should be going down, not up."

.COM Price Increase? ICANN Board Approves Settlement of Long Term Dispute With VeriSign
March 01, 2006
The board of the Internet's main oversight agency has approved a deal under which VeriSign Inc. must meet some conditions in order to raise fees for ``.com'' domain names. Offers Professional Web Design with Complete eCommerce Package
February 27, 2006, Inc., a leading provider of global domain name registration and Web business services, today introduced its latest Web site design offering known as Build-It-For-Me (BIFM) + eCommerce.

Free Domain Name for US and Canadian Nonprofit Organizations at
February 24, 2006 is pleased to introduce a new program in association with that provides a free domain for one year to US and Canadian nonprofit organizations that apply to for free web services.

NewBay Software to Provide "dotmobi" Personal Websites for Mobile Phones
February 24, 2006
NewBay Software, a leading developer of mobile community applications, today announced that it will offer users full '.mobi' domain names for their personal websites across its suite of products, including the award winning FoneBlog mobile blogging and multimedia album solution. 'dotmobi' domains will be available from NewBay from August 2006.

Afilias Successfully Completes Transition of .aero Registry
February 24, 2006
Afilias Limited today announced that it has successfully completed the transition of registry services for .aero, the top-level domain for the aviation industry. Launches Website Tools for Realtors
February 22, 2006
Domain registrar and website hosting provider,, Inc., has launched a new site to assist real estate professionals to succeed in the online marketplace.

DomainMart Launches Market for Domain Name Portfolios
February 21, 2006
Claims the marketplace creates liquidity and trust for exchanges of domain name portfolios; will also facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers.

eNom Passes Milestone of Five Million Domain Names
February 16, 2006
Moves up to the ranking of world's third largest registrar of domain names; marks a growth of domain name registrations up 29% in 2005.

Domain Registrar Passes 1&1 Internet to become World’s Largest Web Hosting Provider
February 13, 2006 knocked the German-based web host out of the number 1 spot this month thanks to a net increase of over a quarter of a million additional hostnames

ICANN Posts Revised Settlement Agreement
February 01, 2006
ICANN today posted a newly revised proposed set of agreements which, if approved, will settle all pending litigation with VeriSign.

Website Source Increases Domains for Reseller Hosting
December 29, 2005
Website Source, Inc. announces that the domain limits for their reseller plans have been increased substantially. Sold for $100,000
December 23, 2005
New Site Redesign Offers Blogsters Spam-Free Space, Superior Image Hosting in Strong Community Atmosphere

EnCirca Launches .Pro Domain Name with free Web Hosting
December 23, 2005
EnCirca unveiled today four more .pro websites owned by Professionals at Releases Holiday Promotion
December 07, 2005 announced that it is celebrating the holiday season by giving away free domain names and professionally designed Web sites.

Netfirms Celebrates Lowest Price Domain Names
November 18, 2005
Netfirms is celebrating today the anniversary of its $4.95 domain names.

VeriSign Acquires Retail Solutions
October 26, 2005
VeriSign announced the acquisition of Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a leading provider of operational point-of-sale (POS) data to the retail industry.

Go Daddy Reaches Milestone of 10 Million Domains
October 18, 2005
The Go Daddy Group, Inc. announced today that the domain portfolio for its three ICANN-accredited registrars has surpassed the record-breaking 10 million mark.

ONE-ANS To Distribute Infobox Network Identity Appliances
October 17, 2005
ONE-ANS announced that it will distribute Infoblox solutions to complement its Security Solutions portfolio.

Host Color Offers Free .CA and .US Domains
October 14, 2005
Host Color now offers a free .ca or .us domain name with Mega hosting plan.

PayPal to Acquire VeriSign’s Payment Gateway Business
October 12, 2005
eBay and VeriSign announced a strategic alliance that calls for the two companies to collaborate on payment services and security initiatives for e-commerce.

Infoblox Adds Integrated IP Address Management to its DNS Solution
October 10, 2005
The very thing that makes the Internet so useful is that it connects everyone to everyone else.

Go Daddy Launches Domain Management Tool
October 06, 2005 names announced a new, domain management feature "AccountExec."

VeriSign to Report Q3 2005 Financial Results
October 05, 2005
VeriSign will be announcing its third quarter 2005 financial results on Wednesday, October 19, 2005.

Dotster Launches New Account Management Interface
September 29, 2005
Dotster, Inc., one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain registrars, today announced that it has successfully implemented a new account management interface.

D-Link Launches 3G Compatible Internet Camera
September 27, 2005
D-Link announced that a new D-Link Internet Camera with 3G compatibility will be added to its award-winning line of IP surveillance products.

GoDaddy Lowers Domain Name Prices to $1.99 /Year
September 16, 2005 announced that Go Daddy customers can now register, transfer or renew domain names for just $1.99/year.

VeriSign Issues Quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief
August 18, 2005
VeriSign released the VeriSign® Domain Name Industry Brief for the second quarter of 2005. Announces Record Second Quarter Revenues
August 16, 2005
Communicate announced results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2005. Puts Spotlight on Certified Public Accountants
August 10, 2005
CPAs Use .Pro Domain for Branding and Internet Marketing: 'Registering a .pro address has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from competitors.'

Tucows Receives .EU Registrar Accreditation
August 10, 2005
Tucows Inc. will provide its network of global service providers with access to resell .EU.

MarkMonitor Launches .EU Sunrise Manager™
August 08, 2005
MarkMonitor, a provider in online Corporate Identity Management, announced the launch of .EU Sunrise Manager. Picks DomainsBot for Domain Name Search
August 05, 2005 has chosen DomainsBot to offer its powerful new name suggestion technology. Extends Contract with David L. Moore
August 05, 2005 announced that its board of directors has extended the Company's employment agreement with David L. Moore.

MarkMonitor Accredited as First US Registrar for .EU
June 30, 2005
MarkMonitor announced that it has been accredited by EURid to register .EU domain names.

Editor's Desk (33):

ICANN and the US Government Signed Historic Agreement
October 01, 2009
ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce reached agreement supporting model of international multi-stakeholder and bottom-up governance of the global Internet addressing system. The EU Commission welcomed the news, while CADNA stated that the agreement is incomplete

The Number of Domain Names Reached 184 M., the Growth Rate is Diminishing
September 25, 2009
The total number of domain names is continuing to grow, but the rate of growth is diminishing, according to the second quarter 2009 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign, Inc. The second quarter of 2009 ended with a total base of 184 million domain name registrations across all of the Top Level Domains (TLDs).

Global Phishing Survey: 81 % of Domain Names Used For Phishing Are Legitimate
May 29, 2009
A new survey from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has shown that up to 81% of the domain names used for phishing are legitimate domains that have been “compromised” or hacked. The Fastest Way to Register Domain Names
April 28, 2009
Surprisingly or not, now you can find and register an available domain name via Twitter thanks to The service lets you register any .com, .net, .org, .us, .name, .biz, or .info domain, at a cost of $11.95 just by sending a direct message from your Twitter account.

Domaining Powerful Tips
April 15, 2009
Well, there is an entire business based on the practice of finding, buying and reselling domain names for profit. In a his inspirational series “Domaining Power Course”, the well-known domain investor Morgan Linton gives insights into how to buy, appraise and sell domain names.

Are Domain Names A Sound Investment?
April 01, 2009
While the global economy continues to decline, domain industry is showing an enviable growth, especially when it comes to selling top generic domain names.

Rush for .TEL Domains
March 27, 2009
Following the successful Sunrise and Landrush periods, Telnic, the registry operator for .tel top level domains, announced the general availability of .tel domains for all businesses. The service has already gone alive with thousands of domain names snapped up by companies and individuals during the sunrise period.

Domain Name Growth Slows Down During Recession
February 23, 2009
The latest Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign shows that the domain name industry has closed 2007 with a total of 177 million domain name registrations worldwide across all of the Top Level Domain Names (TLD). It marks a growth of 16 percent over the previous year.

DevHub Web Site Creation Platform Opens to Public
February 20, 2009
DevHub, part of EVO Media Group launched a free Web site publishing platform on Tuesday, promising that non-technical users can create, manage, and monetize niche websites in minutes.

Readers' Choice Award: Preliminary Vote Results
January 12, 2009
The poll for selecting the winners of the annual Readers’ Choice Award has been online for almost a month now and the nominees have received significant support from their admirers. Believing that many of you are curious to understand the distribution of the votes so far, we have prepared the pie chart below. Since the results are not final, you still have time to change the picture by casting your vote for your favorite domain company.

Thoughts and predictions on what is in store for 2009
January 08, 2009
It's prediction season when everyone tries to make educated predictions on what’s in store for 2009 based on what they learned from the past 12 months. Here are some of our thoughts and predictions on what you can expect in 2009.

Google Expands Adsense For Domains
December 12, 2008
Surprisingly, Google announced that they will be expanding their Google for Domains program to all publishers allowing them to make money through ads placed on undeveloped domains. It is a really huge and bold move by the search giant.

Directi to Take Over EstDomains’ Registrar Operations
December 01, 2008
As a result of the EstDomains de-accreditation by domain name regulation body ICANN, Directi will be taking over EstDomains’ Registrar operations. An estimated 281,000 domain names managed by the controversial Estonia-based domain registrar will be transferred to Directi on December 1st. Directi expects that the entire migration process will go smoothly because the both registrars use the same LogicBoxes’s Registrar Automation platform, OrderBox.

.Tel TLD Gains Momentum
October 27, 2008
Yet another TLD is emerging on the scene and gains momentum. The new .Tel TLD, created by a London-based company called Telnic, will allow individuals, companies and organizations to store all their contact information in a virtual phone book for life. In essence, it will be a global online contacts directory.

Monetizing Expired Domain Names With Traffic
October 13, 2008
Brian Johnson, the author of the e-course Revenue Domains Exposed, has recently launched a new video dedicated to monetization of expired domains. He believes that expired domain names offer a great opportunity when it comes to generating revenue.

Can Google's Chrome affect Domainers?
September 09, 2008
The beta version of Google’s Chrome web browser has been recently released and is available for downloading. But let's see in what way the new browser could influence the domain industry.

.Me domains become the hottest new destination
September 02, 2008
Presently .Me domains are gaining momentum as the hottest new destination for Web addresses that have hit the market. Due to their universal appeal and quality to be easily remembered they have become essential to brand yourself or a company in the online market. Furthermore, some “premium” names such as. Contact.ME, Drive.ME, Kiss.Me, Youand.Me, have the potential to create a completely new perception of the websites.

The Olympic brand on internet
August 20, 2008
Presently everyone is watching the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. There is no doubt that such a huge event grabs the attention of hundreds of millions of people around the globe and there is no better time then now to snap up domain names related to Olympic ideas. But stay away from brand name and trademark abuse.

.anything is the next big challenge
July 22, 2008
Probably, you have already heard of the ICANN’s decision to dramatically relax the rules on top-level domain names and thus allowing billion of new web addresses to become available over time. The decision was met controversially: ones viewed it as a landmark while others were not very impressed.

The credibility of the domain auction system was impeached
July 07, 2008
GoDaddy VP of TDNAM Adam Dicker was caught bidding against customers at the company’s auctions and winning some of the domains he bid for. The story raised questions about unethical business practices and conflict of interests which hurt the credibility of the whole auction system.

Icann paves the way for new top-level domains
June 30, 2008
The most dramatic expansion of virtual real estate for the last 25 years is on the way after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved a proposal for implementation of new Internet extensions. Currently, users are limited to choose from 21 top level domains such as .com, .org, .info which have been tightly regulated. After this vote, the number of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will significantly grow in the next years.

The Challenge of Turning Domain Name Investments Into Profitable Business
June 23, 2008
The domain industry has seen enormous growth in recent years and many people have grasped at the opportunities to invest in domain names. It is true that domains have made a handful of people wealthy but investors who earn millions of dollars a year are rather exception. Launches New Domain Auction Platform
June 17, 2008, a newcomer in domain live auctions, is launching on June 18th promising to bring big changes to the domain business.

Phishers’ Latest Maneuvers
June 02, 2008
A new survey unveiled some current strategies and tactics that phishers have been employing in response to the anti-phishing efforts put to cope with this world problem. The subdomain services, some spoofing techniques, and systematic exploitation of vulnerable registrars and registries are amongst the latest maneuvers utilized by phishers.

The true value of Geo Domains
May 19, 2008
Geolocation turns out to be hot and extremely challenging topic. Local Search and the “local” trend have been rapidly evolving and gaining popularity because of their huge potential for further development.

Generate Working Capital by Domain Names
May 12, 2008
Domainers can rely on specialized financiers to lend them money by accepting domain names as collateral.

Mobile internet usage is on the rise
April 30, 2008
Dot Mobi is an extension that is unique in nature and is still quite controversial when it comes to its significance. Some people agree that dot mobi has a great potential and will gain popularity in the years ahead while other underestimates its importance. The majority of the global public is still pretty unfamiliar with it.

Domainers need more creative platforms
April 21, 2008
Domainers and parking companies will have to explore new avenues if they want to easily adapt in the changing conditions.

Domain Parking Business Takes a Bad Turn
March 31, 2008
It is not a secret that domain parking was a lucrative business. Until recently, a number of companies made good earnings on it but in the last few months, ad providers changed the rules and the situation for domain parking rapidly took a bad turn. Domain name parking has become less profitable business.

The World Keeps on Digitalizing
March 10, 2008
The Internet grew by nearly 33 million domain names in 2007. The Domain Name Industry closed 2007 with more than 153 million domain name registrations worldwide across all of the Top Level Domain Names (TLD).

.Asia Landrush opens with 300,000 Domain Applications
February 25, 2008
The long-awaited landrush period for top-level .Asia domain is under way. It is expected huge demand for the first Internet domain name extension dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region.

IP version 6 Address Added for Root Servers in the Root Zone
February 11, 2008
IPv6 addresses were added for six of the world's 13 root server networks (A, F, H, J, K, M) to the appropriate files and databases, which is a huge step towards the deployment of next-generation IPv6 addressing system.

ICANN cancels the five-day grace period for domain testing
February 06, 2008
ICANN* voted to cancel domain testing by including fees for all new added domains. This decision was taken with a vote of 13-0. Domain testing has been debated for several years. It was an issue of great scale that was finally sorted out.

Interviews (6):

Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder and CEO of
September 30, 2008

Xavier Buck, co-founder and CEO of EuroDNS
August 15, 2008
I started my professional career in the internet Industry in 1993 by creating a first multimedia company. Then, in 2000, with the help of a former colleague and friend, we set up Datacenter Luxembourg, which has become a leading hosting company in Europe.

Craig Rowe, President of WhyPark, LLC
May 07, 2008
"I think the industry really needs to adapt and innovate. What worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. As users are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they find information and shop online, whether it is through search, social networks, blogs, etc, the “direct navigation user” is going to be a dying breed..."

Clint Page, CEO of Dotster
April 17, 2008
In an exclusive interview, Mr. Clint Page tells about Dotster's leading position within the domain name registration industry as well as company's promotion that features a giveaway of 500 free domain names.

Jonathan Boswell, CEO,
June 29, 2007
Mr. Boswell, CEO of, tells how he and his partners came up with the idea of launching a domain lease service and describes the process of leasing a domain.

Champ Mitchell, Chairman and CEO, Network Solutions
March 21, 2007
Mr. Mitchell speaks about the reasons that led to Network Solutions' change of ownership and about the company's dedication to continue to bring the best customer experience in the industry.



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