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Monetizing Expired Domain Names With Traffic

Derek Iwasiuk
October 13, 2008

Brian Johnson, the author of the e-course "Revenue Domains Exposed", has recently launched a new video dedicated to monetization of expired domains. He believes that expired domain names offer a great opportunity when it comes to generating revenue. His proved method is based on a simple formula:

The first part of the formula is finding the right type of aged domains with the right type of links.

Aged Domains + Inbound Links = Traffic

The second part of my formula is to build a website.

If you develop a domain with existing traffic and secure content which is consistent with the content from the previous site it will certainly generate a steady stream of traffic and revenue.

Before buying, research for domains that are still indexed in Google and Yahoo, have backlinks, and of course decent Page Rank. There are lots of places on the web where expired domain lists can be found. For instance try out Also, very useful premier expired domain name research tool is

Watch Brian Johnson video to get more insights on how to monetize expired domains. Enjoy!


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