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BulkRegister Responds to ICANN-VeriSign Settlement Approval


By Derek Iwasiuk
March 01, 2006

BulkRegister released the following statement today in reaction to the ICANN-VeriSign Settlement:

"We implore Congress to reject the ICANN-VeriSign settlement outright. Domain prices for consumers should be going down, not up. An agreement on the .com registry should be motivated by what's right for the entire Industry, not a lawsuit and averting further litigation. VeriSign's lawsuit should not serve as a negotiating chip that it can use to pressure ICANN into deal. VeriSign is likely to net more than $3 billion from this agreement while consumers suffer higher domain prices without any justification from VeriSign for the increases. An additional affront is permitting VeriSign to automatically renew its management of the .com registry in 2012 without any review or an open competitive rebidding process -- something every other registrar must do -- which is anathema to a free market. This is a bad deal for consumers, and it is unfair to registrars."

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