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January 1, 2005; 05:35 AM

(DomainInformer) - January 1, 2005 - What will the world be like in a decade or two? Well, most assuredly we won't be "driving flying cars or having homes on Mars". But our lives will be radically different, declares Ted Stalets, a Nashville futurist who has been studying emerging technologies since the birth of personal computers. According to Ted, "Big changes are coming within our lifetime - in areas like the Internet, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology. And my website at provides carefully researched Internet addresses for these emerging industries."

"I remember my first personal computer back in the 1980s - a Radio Shack TRS80", Ted reflects. "With no software, I ended up writing a simple program to have the computer make calculations and increment the results into a loop of further calculations. The results whizzed down the monitor as I watched in awe. Computers and the Internet have come a long way in just a couple of decades."

Nowadays, some people spend more time on their computers than any other single activity. And our teenagers have a hard time imagining a world without email, instant messaging, and the Internet. But what's coming over the horizon now is something that even today's teenagers aren't familiar with.

Mr. Stalets' lists basic information about several emerging technologies, and matches them with carefully selected domain names. These technologies are all here today, but all are still in their infancy. For clarity and to spur debate, Ted has positioned 5 of these technologies into 5 year increments - timeframes that coincide with his best guess for "mainstream acceptance." Ted defines "mainstream acceptance" as the achievement of a 30% usage level within the general population. His website offers entrepreneurs and forward-looking corporations the opportunity to purchase generic Internet domains which describe these industry technologies. Here are Ted's projected timeframes, along with a sampling of dot com domains offered within each technology...

2005 - 2010 Intelligent Internet
This is the Internet's next developmental stage, in which we will primarily interact with computers and the Internet via speech and artificial intelligence, rather than by keyboard or mouse. Flat wall computer screens will present us with personal "intelligent" agents to help us buy, decide, learn, etc. Through normal speech, this upcoming Intelligent Internet will actually start cementing the bond between man and machine. (,,,, and others)

2010 - 2015 Virtual Reality
As the bond between man and machine strengthens, technology will provide us with immersive experiences within computer-generated environments - either by one person or by groups of people. As this technology advances, we'll move from the current audio/visual version of virtual reality available on computer screens, to augmented virtual overlays to real perception, all the way to full sensory-immersion domes. Rather than visual/auditory interaction with smart machines, we will immerse ourselves into the Internet and computer generated landscapes with all of our senses - including touch, taste, and smell. (,,,, and many, many others)

2015 - 2020 Biotechnology
Knowledge in the science of biotech is said to be doubling every year. As we learn more and more about the genetic codes of our biology, we will someday soon control the means of reversing diseases like hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. Even today, we have the capability of understanding our own personal genetic makeup - allowing us to make informed lifestyle choices in exercise and nutrition to avoid diseases for which we are genetically predisposed.
(,,, and others)

2020 - 2025 Personal Robotics
Personal robotics, popularized by the summer 2004 movie "I, Robot" is earmarked by the Japanese as the next big global industry. In fact, the robotics industry is expected to be as large as the automobile industry - within just a couple of decades. Already in 2005, we have single-purpose vacuum and mower robots. Japan is currently leading the world in a race to bring personal / family robot assistants to the marketplace. Korea, China, Germany, and the United States aren't far behind. (,,,,,,,, and many others)

2025 - 2030 Nanotechnology
Of all of the emerging technologies, nanotechnology is probably the most compelling. All manufacturing industries can be totally restructured as we learn to build things from the molecular level, rather than using much, much larger "component parts". Most world governments acknowledge the advantage of being leaders in nanotechnology, and research is already in high gear. As Biotech meets Nanotech, we will use small machines to enter our bloodstream as medicine providers, enter our brains for self-induced virtual reality, and finally alter our genetic processes to fulfill our human destiny. (,,,, and others)

Most of the technology domains at Domain Nesteggs are generic domains. This means that they actually describe what they are. Thus, generic domains provide a powerful competitive advantage in the Internet Age. As our lives are drawn more into the Internet, owning a business described by a generic domain is like owning a full category listing in the Yellow Pages. But unlike the localized Yellow Pages, the generic Internet domain is cyber real estate that encompasses the entire world... and never expires. As the Internet takes the place of local Yellow Pages, both businesses and consumers will search for purchasing information by typing in generic domains into search engines, or by typing the desired product or service directly into their browser, most often typing .com at the end. Ted Stalets states, "A domain like will give the company Robotic Rentals a huge advantage. This cyber storefront will own - as its prospective customer base - the entire Internet commercial world for Robotic Rentals - forever."

Stalets continues, "Rather than having to spend thousands or millions of dollars to brand a domain name like Google or E-bay in order to build "mindshare" with potential customers, the Internet savvy marketer buys the market's valuable "mindshare" right along with the generic domain. This approach results in vastly decreasing one's marketing budget. This business expense, normally equivalent to 15 to 20% of sales, ends up going straight to the bottom line - that is, to profits."

These five technologies - the Internet, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Robotics, and Nanotechnology - are each projected to represent billions of dollars in consumer spending during the next two to three decades. The domains at Domain Nesteggs offer forward-thinking businesses a competitive strategic advantage during this era of massive consumer spending. The domains at are poised to become prime cyber property. As the emerging technologies they represent go "mainstream," these golden domain nesteggs will hatch and provide forward-thinking businesses with very valuable, global Internet businesses.

For additional details, please visit

About Located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a domain name reseller specializing in emerging technologies - Internet Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Robotics, and Nanotechnology.

Contact Information:
Ted Stalets
615 482-1766

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