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What, Texas, For Sale?

June 9, 2006; 08:31 AM

Dallas, TX - Can you imagine owning a Web Address/Domain Name that has everything pertaining to the Great State of Texas, all under one roof? The newly approved TLD or Top Level Domain name extension called “.St” for states is now approved and accepted world wide on the Internet, and the most exciting part is almost no one in the industry even knows about it, yet.

This means that some lucky person reading this today, (yes, including YOU), who acts first, will find themselves immediately launched in front of the merging trend and direction of the entire Internet industry. So far, the most money made in domain name sales always goes to the person who owns it first, or, to the one who develops the domain name into a profitable website. “This is one of those times where even if you don’t have the money personally, you want to alert anybody you can about this most rare, exclusive and once in a lifetime opportunity” according to Rever Thabiti, Sr. VP Sales & Mktg. at

He adds, “As mergers continue to be the market trend that simplifies the way business is done only proves that everything will ultimately become easier to find whenever someone decides to simplify things as in locating everything under one roof, just ask the retail giant, Walmart.” By the way, coincidently, Walmart was founded by Sam Walton of Houston, Texas. This trend, if implemented, could establish a frame or template for the perfect ‘worldwide Texas directory’ for any enterprising Texas Lover or creative investor. Texas is also the home State of the current U.S. President and his dad.

Just consider for a moment, the vast aspects that makes a state, a State, you will understand why, all the buzz. A State has Cities, Counties, Universities, Schools, Alumni's, Highways, Rivers, Zip Codes, Maps, Tourism, Heritage, History, Sports teams, Businesses, Agriculture, Landscape, Parks and Government and don’t exclude the fact that all states are being added to the back of United States Quarters, right now. Then, include the rapidly increasing association between Real Estate and Web-Addresses and you’ll see that owning www.Texas.St (the largest State in the USA behind Alaska) could exceed the current domain name sales record of $14 million (established earlier this year) if you decide to ever resell it.

In this scenario, there is no need for a complicated business plan when you own this piece of Internet Real Estate. All Texas lovers will want to pay you to get their Texas properties, attractions, products, services or Texas Holdem listed and linked up through www.Texas.St. This trend to put everything under the one big cyberspace roof-top creates the new, fast and easier way to find anything in Texas. The fee, of course, to be listed would be up to you, the new owner. Even a small fee of $10 to be listed or $25 for a direct link could add up nicely in your bank account.

Beth Loehrke, Media Spokesperson, says, “Another thing we must realize is that this package also comes with All Email Address possibilities pertaining to Texas.St e.g. YourName @ Texas.St or AnyBusiness @ Texas.St. What an idea this could be for students attending Texas State University and we are proud to be the sponsor of this auction.” She also adds, “Nothing ever creates more million/billionaires than Real Estate and the new State Domains presents tomorrow's Real Estate, today. is best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD’s (top-level domains) and offering them to the public on a “name your own price” basis to allow smaller investors a better chance to compete in the lucrative Domain Name aftermarket.

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