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Take Advantage with dotMobi

Take advantage of Mobile Internet with dotMobi and EuroDNS.

June 14, 2006; 05:19 AM

To help Internet users and Trademark holders take advantage of this revolution, thanks to mTLD and EuroDNS, mobile content can now use an easier-to-find, dedicated, .Mobi address.

EuroDNS S.A.

To allow content providers to get the best of their dotMobi names, mTLD has accredited selected Registrars, giving them exclusive rights to sell dotMobi names and to protect mobile trademarks. EuroDNS ( is proud to be one of them.

“We truly believe in dotMobi as the only Internet extension dedicated to mobile devices”, comments Xavier Buck, EuroDNS CEO, “with support from industry leaders such as Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Google (NYSE:GOOG) and T-Mobile (NYSE:DT), dotMobi is a great opportunity for existing and future EuroDNS customers to instantly benefit from mobile content”.

Closely involved at every step of the mTLD project, EuroDNS supports the “Sunrise Periods” developped to ensure Trademark protection will last in the mobile world. Specific information is available through EuroDNS and dedicated teams have been formed to make this transition – which will last 70 days from June 12th – as easy as possible. “We are quite pleased to see some of the leading European operators have used EuroDNS to use and protect their dotMobi names” adds Buck “when the time comes, in August, we will also be there for the mobile content providers willing to express themselves on the Internet”.

EuroDNS strongly endorses the guidelines developped by mTLD, the dotMobi Internet Registry ( to make mobile surfing smoother: banning popups or limiting the page resolution to the average screen of a mobile phone, to name a few. EuroDNS will make widely available specific tools from mTLD to Web developpers such as auditing and certification services.

Even with .EU just a few months old and new top level domains regularly created by ICANN, the Internet Authority, EuroDNS believes dotMobi is a lot more than just another Internet extension! “Mobile phones are part of our daily lives” responds Frederick Schiwek, VP of Marketing “There are more mobile phones than TVs and PCs combined worldwide and you want to carry it everywhere with you. It is the most obvious way to access content, the only thing lacking was an easy address to access the web sites!”.

Studies show that more than 50 % of mobile handsets are less than a year old, most with Web browsing capabilities. DotMobi can become the last needed piece to make the mobile device as useful as a PC to browse and access data services, but as easy as… a mobile phone! “The key is to stay in touch, especially when you’re mobile” concludes Schiwek “and EuroDNS gives you all the right tools at the right price to do just that”.

.Mobi Domains can be registered now at

About EuroDNS:

EuroDNS is based in Luxembourg but operates around the Globe. The company is a worldwide Registrar, specialising in European Domains. The company's domain registration portal, covers 10 different languages and serves more than 97% of Europe's population with over 25 Top Level Domains. EuroDNS is a strong partner of dotMobi with the trust of many mobile operators and content providers. Contact us to find how we can help!

Frederick Schiwek
email: [email protected]

41 z.a. Am Bann
L-3372 Leudelange

Germany: 0180 5236275 ∙ Luxembourg: +352 263725-1
Belgium: +32 (0)80 503005 ∙ USA: +1 360 2275688
UK: +44 (0)20 70438288 ∙ France: +33 870 441400
Fax: +352 263725-37

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