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dotMobi Open Standards for Mobile Content Adopted by Top Hosting and Developer Companies

October 11, 2006; 08:06 AM
dotMobi registrar partners are helping the growing number of businesses and consumers registering for .mobi domains with free tools designed to build .mobi-compliant sites easily and quickly. Developing and delivering mobile content on the Internet in a cost-efficient manner is now within everyone's grasp., the world's largest domain name registrar, is one of the 121 -- and counting -- registrars for the .mobi domain. GoDaddy has updated its WebSite Tonight(R) online program to allow consumers around the world to build a .mobi site in minutes, using a standard Web browser.

"The word is out and the time is now for businesses and individuals to develop .mobi sites easily and cost-effectively," said Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of

Global registrar Hostway offers a special .mobi Webpage Builder to develop an immediate mobile Internet presence with a free one-page "business card" site optimized for mobile phone viewing.

These free tools designed to build .mobi-compliant sites, along with dozens of other incentives being deployed by registrars and developers around the world, demonstrates that dotMobi's open standards make accessing Web sites on a mobile device faster, less expensive and more reliable.

dotMobi offers content that is tailored for the mobile Internet. dotMobi's open standards are built on the recommended open standards model of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Mobile Web Initiative.

"dotMobi is removing the barriers of the 'walled garden' for mobile Internet users," said Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi. "An easy-to-use mobile Internet experience is now available."

Other global companies in the process of creating low-cost dotMobi development tools include Beijing Innovative (China), Dynetic (Germany), Roundpoint (US/UK), Terenci (Germany), HiChina (China) and Nubiq (Ireland).

"The dotMobi initiative is making the mobile Internet experience across the globe affordable and easy to use, from the inception of a .mobi site to the end-user experience," said Zhang Zhanyong, Product Director of HiChina.

"Zinadoo is an obvious choice for easy mobile site creation with a .mobi domain," said Helene Haughney, CEO of Ireland-based Nubiq. "We are very impressed with the dotMobi Switch On!(TM) Guides which emphasize good access and usability strategies for mobile Web sites."

dotMobi's Standard General Registration, allowing anyone to purchase a .mobi domain name at standard prices, commences October 11.

The list of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrars for dotMobi domain names can be found at:

For more information on .mobi domains and how to register .mobi domains, visit Visit the dotMobi blog at

About dotMobi

dotMobi (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd.), a joint venture company based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Washington, DC, is leading the development of Internet usage from mobile phones by switching on the .mobi domain name. Unique among domain name providers, dotMobi ensures that services and sites developed around .mobi are optimised for use by mobile devices. On-the-go consumers can have confidence that the Internet site or service will work from their mobile device when using the .mobi address.

dotMobi is backed by leading mobile operators, network and device manufacturers, and Internet content providers, including Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM and Vodafone. dotMobi is also a sponsor of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

Vance Hedderel, dotMobi (mobile Top Level Domain, Ltd.)
+1-703-485-5563, [email protected]
Tara Yingst / Danielle Siemon, A&R Edelman Public Relations
+1-650-762-2942 / 2947, [email protected] / [email protected]

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