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Domain Name Registrar Introduces SMS Email Alerts

February 16, 2007; 03:17 AM is making keeping in touch easier than ever thanks to a new SMS alert service which notifies users of important email via mobile text messages.

Clients registering their domain name with the ICANN accredited registrar will receive an automatic SMS notification when desired email hits the Freeparking mail server.

Multiple Alert Profiles
“A huge proportion of Freeparking’s customers are business people who are frequently travelling and away from their offices so SMS alerts are a practical solution to a common problem,” says Dickie Armour, General Manager of Fibranet Services Ltd., Freeparking’s European partner.

“Despite being away from their desks, our clients still want to be able to manage their business and that means being told when a new order has arrived or that a client has an urgent query. The Freeparking SMS Alert service makes this possible and means users no longer need to find a Wi-Fi spot or pay expensive cybercaf√© access rates to wade through junk mail.”

Fast, Easy, Low Cost
Customers can specify which email senders, subject keywords and email message keywords are scanned and then submitted as a text alert. When an email matching the alert profile is received, a message is then sent to the specified mobile phone number. Controlled completely by the client, users can even specify exactly what information is included in the text message.

Freeparking SMS alerts cost just 10p each and offer a whole host of additional features. Along with an unlimited number of SMS alert profiles, each profile is set up completely free of charge and activated instantly. “The Freeparking SMS alert service helps to improve response times, deliver greater flexibility and ensures peace of mind for busy small business owners,” says Armour.

One of the largest domain name registrars in the United Kingdom, Freeparking specialises in stress-free domain name parking and management. Domain name registration with Freeparking is fast, easy and incredibly low cost.

In addition to the SMS alert service, all customers benefit from a unique suite of online tools which allow users to easily modify DNS settings, web forwarding and manage their free POP3 email addresses.

About Freeparking

Established in 1999, Freeparking ( is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and manages over 300,000 domain names for customers in over 180 countries. The web site pioneered self-management of multiple domains and is currently the third most popular .uk web site in the world.

Media Information: Rebecca Appleton, [email protected], tel: 0208 123 5178

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