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.eu Registrar Code of Conduct Open for Public Review

February 27, 2007; 02:58 AM

Having launched the draft version of the .eu Code of Conduct amongst its accredited registrars, EURid, the registry for the Internet top level domain .eu, now also invites members of the public to submit their comments on the document.

The concept of a .eu Code of Conduct as an incentive for subscribing registrars to provide a high quality of service was first proposed some months ago, with a draft version of the Code being made available to registrars for assessment in December 2006. Registrars have since been given the opportunity to comment on the Code and EURid is now inviting the general public to do the same. The Code will come into effect on March 29th and registrars subscribing to it will be listed on the official Code of Conduct website.

The establishment of a Code of Conduct forms part of the service contract between the .eu registry and the Commission. Both parties believe that an entity of this nature is indispensable to Internet world.

“We felt the time had come to recognise accredited registrars offering a best in class service and that a Code of Conduct was the ideal way in which to do this. The registry believes that allowing registrars subscribing to the Code to carry the official subscriber logo on their websites will enable the public to make a more informed decision when choosing which accredited registrar to use when registering their .eu domains,” says Bob Walraet, business manager at EURid.

The Code will also be used as a means of dealing with issues that are inherent to the domain name industry but that are difficult to regulate adequately in a legal context. A platform for receiving complaints against registrars subscribing to the Code will be set up by the .eu registry, who will act as a secretariat for the Code of Conduct.

The .eu Code of Conduct will be governed by an elected Council of Conduct; a self regulating body comprised of members of .eu registrar community, the internet community at large, and a EURid representative. A draft version of the Code and of the Rules for dispute handling and Council election can be viewed on the official Code of Conduct website, The public is invited to email their comments on the Code to [email protected] until the 16th of March 2007, when the document will be finalized and the Council of Conduct will be elected.

About EURid – The European Registry of Internet Domain Names

Eurid is the not-for-profit organization appointed by the European Commission to register and manage .eu domain names. EURid was founded in April 2003, with headquarters in Brussels and a regional office in Stockholm. Further regional offices are planned in Italy and the Czech Republic. The founding members,, NICSE, and IIT CNR, operate the country top-level domains for Belgium (.be,) Sweden (.se) and Italy (.it) respectively. The registries Arnes (Slovenian domain, .si,) CZ-NIC (Czech domain, .cz) and the European chapter of the Internet Society, ISOC, are associated members.

For further information, please contact Bob Walraet, EURid’s business manager, on +32 (0)2 401 27 50 or by email [email protected]

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