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Fight Rising Cost of Internet Domain Names With Industry's Most Affordable Solution From MyDomain

October 26, 2007; 07:40 AM

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Internet users may not realize it, but the price of purchasing domain names increased seven percent for everyone due to a recent contract renegotiation between Verisign and ICANN. Now, MyDomain, the Internet domain name and Web Hosting powerhouse, offers business and home users alike an easy and affordable solution to combat these industry price increases with its new Multi-Year transfer tool. MyDomain offers an affordable Multi-Year transfer tool that allows anyone with a domain to transfer the name to MyDomain for up to nine years -- and avoid future registry price increase over the coming years. MyDomain's Multi-Year transfer tool allows domain registrants to lock in their domain names for nine years at an average price of just $7.28 per year.

The price that registrar companies pay for a domain name has increased by seven percent as the result of a recently renegotiated contract between Verisign, the registry that controls .com names, and ICANN, the governing body for domain names. As a result across the industry, consumers can expect low price domain registration companies to raise their pricing. MyDomain Multi-Year transfer solution gives consumers a way to fight back on these increases:

MyDomain's Multi-Year transfer tool is just $7.99 and adds an additional year to the user's current registration. Additional years can be added for as little as $6.99 plus a $0.20 ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) fee per year when transferred in bulk. Single transfers are $7.99 for the initial year and $8.95 plus a $0.20 ICANN fee for additional years.

"MyDomain's mission is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive set of domain hosting and registration services available today at the best possible value. MyDomain offers some of the lowest price options in the entire industry -- and provides more value and free services for our customers than much higher priced registrars," said Clint Page, CEO of MyDomain. "With our new Multi-year transfer tool, users can transfer a name to MyDomain, locking in today's low pricing for nine additional years and avoiding future registry price increases. For businesses and home users who have important domain names that they know they want to keep ownership of, locking them in now for nine additional years will result in a huge cost savings in the long run."


MyDomain's reputation as a customer-centric registrar is well established. Founded in 1998, is a leading domain registration company and provider of premium-managed Website services, including the most reliable web hosting and self-service domain management tools. Purchased by Dotster Inc in 2002, distinguishes itself with tiered domain registration pricing and offers the industry's lowest registration pricing as well as a complete array of Internet solutions including custom Website design, Internet marketing and shared and VPS hosting.

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