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Must-Read Tips For Domain Name Registration

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Maneet Puri
November 05, 2007

Maneet Puri

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Domain Name

If you are an average internet user, then you must be pretty familiar with the term ‘domain name’. In layman terms, it is a unique name given to address a particular website each time you visit it on the internet. However, technically speaking, a domain name means much more than that. Domain name of a website refers to the text name that corresponds to its numeric IP address of a computer in the internet. The domain name of a website possesses some kind of characteristics that differentiate it from other domain names.

As a matter of fact, you could come across domain names that are pretty similar to each other but not exactly alike. Usually, similar sounding domains names may have extra characters such as underscores (_), hyphens (-) in them to distinguish them from each other. Similarly, domain names could also be different from each other in terms of their extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .gov and so forth.

The internet users around the world can access to a particular website only by using its domain name which is unique.

Need For Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is the first and forest step of hosting a website on the World Wide Web. It offers an identity to your website with which the internet users will recognize your website. The more unique you domain name sounds, the easier it is to remember for your site visitors. A unique domain name also enables you to safeguard against domain replication.

How to Register A Domain Name

You can register a domain name by going to anyone of the worldwide domain name registrars. Whether you are able to register your domain with a specific name depends on a number of factors; the most important of them being the availability of the domain name. Some of the widely used domain name registrars are:,, and

The cost for registering a domain name might differ from one registrar to another. However, you must check different prices charged by various domain name registrars before settling for one.

Guidelines for Domain Name Registrations

Domain name being such an important aspect of your website calls for meticulous consideration of a few factors such as:

- Consider some key factors such as terms, length of service, and price per service package while registering a domain name. You should always choose a service package that suits your existing and future needs even if it cost high in stead of settling for a cheaper service package that could prove costly in the long run.

- Choose a domain name that should contain either you own product or company’s name. This will not only ensure that your opted domain name is available but also enhance the brand awareness of your product.

- From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint, you should consider including the targeted keyword in your domain so that it will be search engine friendly which in turn will immensely benefit your website from SEO perspective.

- Registering your domain name on a dedicated IP server is always recommended as it will offer you better credibility from search engines. Domain names hosted on shared IP servers stand the risk of being blacklisted incase anyone of the other subscribers engages in some unethical SEO practices.

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